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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               ROOM FOR SQUARES (CD-2001)
A                     DUETS II (CD-2011)


A     C               BACK TO YOU (2001)
A     C               CITY LOVE (2001)
A     C               83 (2001)
A     C               GREAT INDOORS (2001)
A     C               LOVE SONG FOR NO ONE (2001)
A     C               MY STUPID MOUTH (2001)
A     C               NEON (2001)
A     C               NO SUCH THING (2001)
A     C               NOT MYSELF (2001)
A                     ONE FOR MY BABY (AND ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD) (1943)
A     C               ST. PATRICK'S DAY (2001)
A     C               3×5 (2001)
A     C               WHY GEORGIA (2001)
A     C               YOUR BODY IS A WONDERLAND (2001)

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