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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         FLAMES OF SPAIN (CD-1997)


A     C     P         DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME (1997)
A     C     P         FLAMES (1997)
A     C     P         FLAMES OF SPAIN (1997)
A     C     P         GIMME SOME LATIN (1997)
A     C     P         LOVING YOU (1997)
A     C     P         MI FAMILIA (1997)
A     C     P         MORENA (1997)
A     C     P         MY GYPSY MOMENTS (1997)
A     C     P         MY LOVE [2-NOCY] (1997)
A     C     P         PETITE PRELUDE (1997)
A     C     P         YA MADAME (1997)
A     C     P         YOU NEVER LEFT ME ALONE (1997)

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