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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C     P         TWISTED CHRISTMAS (TA-1987)


      C     P         THE CHIMNEY SONG (1987)
      C     P         FOREIGNERS (1987)
      C     P         I'M DRESSIN' UP LIKE SANTA (WHEN I GET OUT ON PAROLE) (1987)
      C     P         JOY TO THE WORLD [1-PARODY] (1987)
      C     P         A MESSAGE FROM THE KING (1987)
      C     P         O COME ALL YE GRATEFUL DEAD-HEADS (1987)
      C     P         THE RESTROOM DOOR SAID, 'GENTLEMEN' (1987)
      C     P         THE TWELVE PAINS OF CHRISTMAS (1987)
      C     P         A VISIT FROM ST. NICHOLSON (1987)
      C     P         WE WISH YOU WEREN'T LIVING WITH US (1987)
      C     P         WRECK THE MALLS (1987)

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