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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         A RETURN TO THE INNER EXPERIENCE (TA-1993)
            P         HUH #17 (CD-1995)


            P         BROKEN DOWN (1993)
            P         BUSS TO GATE 23 [SIC] (1993)
            P         CIRCUS CHURCH (1993)
            P         GONE (1993)
            P         JOEY'S ARIA (1993)
            P         LAY DOWN YOUR HEAD (1993)
            P         MOVING LIKE WATER (1993)
            P         OCEAN WHICH HUMANITY IS (1993)
            P         RAIN [4-SKY CRIES MARY] (1993)
            P         ROSALEEN (1993)
            P         2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (1966)
            P         UNTITLED [2-SPAIN] (1995)
            P         WALLA WALLA (1993)
            P         WE WILL FALL (1969)
            P         WHEN THE FEAR STOPS (1993)

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