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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     MAME (CD-1966)
A                     SWEENEY TODD (CD-1979)


A                     BOSOM BUDDIES (1966)
A                     BY THE SEA (1979)
A                     CITY ON FIRE!/FINAL SEQUENCE (1979)
A                     EPIPHANY [1-SWEENEY TODD] (1979)
A                     GOD, THAT'S GOOD! (1979)
A                     IF HE WALKED INTO MY LIFE (1966)
A                     IT'S TODAY (1966)
A                     A LITTLE PRIEST (1979)
A                     MAME: FINALE (1966)
A                     THE MAN IN THE MOON [1-MAME] (1966)
A                     MY BEST GIRL (1966)
A                     MY FRIENDS (1979)
A                     NOT WHILE I'M AROUND (1979)
A                     OPEN A NEW WINDOW (1966)
A                     PARLOR SONGS (1979)
A                     PIRELLI'S MIRACLE ELIXIR (1979)
A                     POOR THING (1979)
A                     THAT'S HOW YOUNG I FEEL (1966)
A                     WAIT [3-SWEENEY TODD] (1979)
A                     WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS (1966)
A                     THE WORST PIES IN LONDON (1979)

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