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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               DALI DOES WINDOWS (TA-1987)


A     C               BACK ON THE RANCH (1987)
A     C               BEDLAM REVISITED (1987)
A     C               CARS IN TREES (1987)
A     C               D.Y. WANNA (BUBBLEGUM) (1987)
A     C               I MUST'VE BEEN YOU (1987)
A     C               MISPLACED MESSIAH (1965) (1987)
A     C               MONEYWAGON (1987)
A     C               SHE HAS NO SOUL (1987)
A     C               TAKES A FEW DAYS (1987)
A     C               TRIPPING DRAG QUEENS (1987)
A     C               WATCH THE HEARTS BREAK (1987)

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