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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C     P         ISN'T ANYTHING (CD-1988)
      C     P         LOVELESS (CD-1991)


      C     P         ALL I NEED (1988)
      C     P         BLOWN A WISH (1991)
      C     P         COME IN ALONE (1991)
      C     P         CUPID COME (1988)
      C     P         FEED ME WITH YOUR KISS (1988)
      C     P         I CAN SEE IT (BUT I CAN'T FEEL IT) (1988)
      C     P         I ONLY SAID (1991)
      C     P         LOOMER (1991)
      C     P         LOSE MY BREATH (1988)
      C     P         NO MORE SORRY (1988)
      C     P         NOTHING MUCH TO LOSE (1988)
      C     P         ONLY SHALLOW (1991)
      C     P         SEVERAL GIRLS GALORE (1988)
      C     P         SOFT AS SNOW (BUT WARM INSIDE) (1988)
      C     P         SOMETIMES [2-MY BLOODY VALENTINE] (1991)
      C     P         SOON [3-MY BLOODY VALENTINE] (1991)
      C     P         SUEISFINE (1988)
      C     P         TO HERE KNOWS WHEN (1991)
      C     P         WHAT YOU WANT (1991)
      C     P         WHEN YOU SLEEP (1991)
      C     P         YOU NEVER SHOULD (1988)
      C     P         (WHEN YOU WAKE) YOU'RE STILL IN A DREAM (1988)

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