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            P         UNFORGETTABLE (CD-1991)


            P         DARLING, JE VOUS AIME BEAUCOUP (1936)
            P         DON'T GET AROUND MUCH ANYMORE (1942)
            P         L-O-V-E (1964)
            P         (OUR) LOVE IS HERE TO STAY (1937)
            P         NATURE BOY (1948)
            P         (GET YOUR KICKS ON) ROUTE 66 (1946)
            P         SMILE [1-CHAPLIN/TURNER/PARSONS] (1936)
            P         STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT (1943)
            P         THIS CAN'T BE LOVE (1938)
            P         THOU SWELL (1927)
            P         THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (1934)

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