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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         PIANO HONKY TONK (LP-1964)


            P         BARREL HOUSE RAG (1942)
            P         BETWEEN 18TH AND 19TH ON CHESTNUT STREET (1939)
            P         THE BREEZE (1934)
            P         CANOODLIN' RAG (1954)
            P         CHARLESTON PARISIENNE (1XXX)
            P         COW COW BOOGIE (1941)
            P         GULF COAST BLUES (1923)
            P         HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY THAT I LOVE YOU (1945)
            P         HEARTACHES [1-KLENNER/HOFFMAN] (1931)
            P         I'M NOT WORRYIN' (1XXX)
            P         JUST BECAUSE (1957)
            P         LITTLE GIRL [1-HYDE/HENRY] (1931)
            P         OH! LOOK-A-THERE, AIN'T SHE PRETTY (1936)
            P         OLD PIANO ROLL BLUES (1950)
            P         THE SHIM SHAM SHIMMY DANCE (1933)
            P         WAITING FOR MY BABY (1XXX)

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