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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     ANOTHER PAGE (LP-1983)
A           P         THE ANIMALS' CHRISTMAS (CD-1999)


A           P         THE ANNUNCIATION (1999)
A           P         CAROL OF THE BIRDS (1999)
A           P         THE CREATURES OF THE FIELD (1999)
A           P         THE DECREE (1999)
A           P         THE FRIENDLY BEASTS (1999)
A           P         THE FROG [2-JIMMY WEBB] (1999)
A           P         HEROD (1999)
A           P         INCREDIBLE PHAT (1999)
A           P         JUST A SIMPLE LITTLE TUNE (1999)
A           P         THE SONG OF THE CAMELS (1999)
A                     TALKING IN MY SLEEP (1982)
A           P         WILD GEESE (1999)
A           P         WORDS FROM AN OLD SPANISH CAROL (1999)

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