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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         24 HEAVY HITS (LP-1968)
            P         TOMMY (LP-1969)


            P         THE ACID QUEEN (1969)
            P         AMAZING JOURNEY/SPARKS (1969)
            P         CHRISTMAS (1969)
            P         COUSIN KEVIN (1969)
            P         DO YOU THINK IT'S ALRIGHT/FIDDLE ABOUT (1969)
            P         EYESIGHT TO THE BLIND (1951)
            P         GO TO THE MIRROR! (1969)
            P         HAPPY JACK (1966)
            P         I'M FREE (1969)
            P         MIRACLE CURE (1969)
            P         1921 (YOU DIDN'T HEAR IT) (1969)
            P         OVERTURE/IT'S A BOY (1969)
            P         PINBALL WIZARD (1969)
            P         SALLY SIMPSON (1969)
            P         SENSATION (1969)
            P         SMASH THE MIRROR (1969)
            P         THERE'S A DOCTOR I'VE FOUND (1969)
            P         TOMMY CAN YOU HEAR ME (1969)
            P         TOMMY'S HOLIDAY CAMP (1969)
            P         UNDERTURE (1969)
            P         WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT (1969)
            P         WELCOME (1969)

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