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            P         MY SON, THE NUT (LP-1963)
            P         THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS (CD-1965)


            P         ALMA (1965)
            P         AUTOMATION (1963)
            P         EIGHT FOOT TWO, SOLID BLUE (1963)
            P         THE FOLK SONG ARMY (1965)
            P         GEORGE MURPHY (1965)
            P         HAIL TO THEE, FAT PERSON (1963)
            P         HEADACHES (1963)
            P         HELLO MUDDAH, HELLO FADDUH! (1963)
            P         HERE'S TO THE CRABGRASS [COUNTRY GARDENS] (1963)
            P         HUNGARIAN GOULASH NO. 5 (1963)
            P         I SEE BONES (1963)
            P         MLF LULLABY (1965)
            P         NATIONAL BROTHERHOOD WEEK (1965)
            P         NEW MATH (1965)
            P         ONE HIPPOPOTAMI [WHAT KIND OF FOOL AM I?] (1963)
            P         POLLUTION (1965)
            P         RATFINK (1963)
            P         SEND THE MARINES (1965)
            P         SMUT (1965)
            P         SO LONG, MOM (1965)
            P         THE VATICAN RAG (1965)
            P         WERNHER VON BRAUN (1965)
            P         WHATEVER BECAME OF HUBERT? (1965)
            P         WHO'S NEXT? (1965)
            P         YOU WENT THE WRONG WAY, OLD KING LOUIE (1963)
            P         YOU'RE GETTING TO BE A RABBIT WITH ME (1963)

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