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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         NIGHT MOVES (LP-1976)
A     C     P         STRANGER IN TOWN (LP-1978)
      C               HEARTACHE TONIGHT B/W TEENAGE JAIL (45-1979)
      C               THE LONG RUN (LP-1979)
      C               I CAN'T STAND STILL (TA-1982)
      C               HIGHWAYMAN (CD-1985)
      C               BEST OF TWISTED TUNES, VOL. 2 (CD-1997)


      C               AGAINST THE WIND (1980)
A           P         AIN'T GOT NO MONEY (1975)
      C               BOWEL MOVES (199X)
A     C     P         BRAVE STRANGERS (1978)
A           P         COME TO POPPA (1976)
A     C     P         THE FAMOUS FINAL SCENE (1978)
A     C     P         FEEL LIKE A NUMBER (1978)
A     C     P         THE FIRE DOWN BELOW (1976)
      C               HEARTACHE TONIGHT (1979)
A     C     P         HOLLYWOOD NIGHTS (1978)
A     C     P         MAINSTREET (1976)
A           P         MARY LOU (1959)
A     C     P         NIGHT MOVES (1976)
      C               NOBODY'S BUSINESS (1982)
A           P         OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL (1978)
A     C     P         ROCK AND ROLL NEVER FORGETS (1976)
A     C     P         SHIP OF FOOLS (1976)
A     C     P         STILL THE SAME (1978)
A     C     P         SUNBURST (1976)
A     C     P         SUNSPOT BABY (1976)
A     C     P         TILL IT SHINES (1978)
A     C     P         WE'VE GOT TONITE (1978)

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