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A                     SOUL MEN (LP-1967)
A                     24 SOLID HITS (LP-196X)
A                     BEST OF JUKEBOX ROCK 1966, VOL. I (CD-1989)


A                     BROKE DOWN PIECE OF MAN (1967)
A                     DON'T KNOCK IT (1967)
A                     THE GOOD RUNS THE BAD WAY (1967)
A                     HOLD IT BABY (1967)
A                     HOLD ON! I'M A COMIN' (1966)
A                     I'M WITH YOU (1960)
A                     I'VE SEEN WHAT LONELINESS CAN DO (1967)
A                     IT WAS SO NICE WHILE IT LASTED (1963)
A                     JUST KEEP HOLDING ON (1967)
A                     LET IT BE ME (1955)
A                     MAY I BABY (1967)
A                     RICH KIND OF POVERTY (1967)
A                     SOUL MAN (1967)

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