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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               ARE YOU EXPERIENCED (LP-1967)
      C               AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE (DO-1967)
      C     P         ELECTRIC LADYLAND (DO-1968)
A     C               WOODSTOCK (LP-1970)
      C               FAITHFUL (CD-1976)
      C               RADIO TOKYO TAPES, VOL. 2 (LP-1984)
      C               GET CLOSE (TA-1986)
A     C     P         STEAL THIS DISC 2 (CD-1988)
      C               PACKED! (TA-1990)


      C               AIN'T NO TELLING (1967)
            P         ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (1967)
      C     P         …AND THE GODS MADE LOVE (1968)
      C               ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? (1967)
      C               BOLD AS LOVE (1967)
      C     P         BURNING OF THE MIDNIGHT LAMP (1968)
A     C               CAN YOU SEE ME (1966)
      C               CASTLES MADE OF SAND (1967)
            P         COME ON (PART 1) (1960)
      C     P         CROSSTOWN TRAFFIC (1968)
      C               EXP (1967)
      C               FIRE [1-JIMI HENDRIX] (1967)
      C               FOXY LADY (1967)
      C     P         GYPSY EYES (1968)
      C     P         HAVE YOU EVER BEEN (TO ELECTRIC LADYLAND) (1968)
      C     P         HOUSE BURNING DOWN (1968)
      C               I DON'T LIVE TODAY (1967)
      C               IF 6 WAS 9 (1967)
A     C               INSTRUMENTAL SOLO (1969)
A     C               JAM INTRO (1969)
A                     LIKE A ROLLING STONE (1965)
      C               LITTLE MISS LOVER (1967)
            P         LITTLE MISS STRANGE (1968)
      C               LITTLE WING (1967)
      C     P         LONG HOT SUMMER NIGHT (1968)
      C               LOVE OR CONFUSION (1967)
A     C     P         LOVER MAN (1970)
      C               MANIC DEPRESSION (1967)
      C               MAY THIS BE LOVE (1967)
      C     P         MOON, TURN THE TIDES...GENTLY GENTLY AWAY (1968)
      C     P         1983…(A MERMAN I SHOULD TURN TO BE) (1968)
      C               ONE RAINY WISH (1967)
A     C               PURPLE HAZE (1967)
      C     P         RAINY DAY, DREAM AWAY (1968)
A                     ROCK ME, BABY (1958)
      C               ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS (1970)
      C               SPANISH CASTLE MAGIC (1967)
A                     THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER (1814)
      C     P         STILL RAINING, STILL DREAMING (1968)
      C               THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN (1967)
      C               UP FROM THE SKIES (1967)
      C     P         VOODOO CHILD (SLIGHT RETURN) (1968)
      C     P         VOODOO CHILE (1968)
      C               WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW [2-JIMI HENDRIX] (1967)
A                     WILD THING [1-TROGGS] (1965)
      C               THE WIND CRIES MARY (1967)
      C               YOU GOT ME FLOATIN' (1967)

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