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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               LET'S GET SMALL (LP-1977)
A                     EARL SCRUGGS AND FRIENDS (CD-2001)


A     C               CLOSING [4-STEVE MARTIN] (1977)
A     C               EXCUSE ME [1-STEVE MARTIN] (1977)
A                     FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN (1940)
A     C               FUNNY COMEDY GAGS (1977)
A     C               GRANDMOTHER'S SONG (1977)
A     C               LET'S GET SMALL (1977)
A     C               MAD AT MY MOTHER (1977)
A     C               ONE WAY TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER (1977)
A     C               RAMBLIN' MAN/THEME FROM RAMBLIN' MAN (1977)
A     C               SMOKING (1977)
A     C               VEGAS (1977)

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