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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     AT LARGE (LP-1959)
A                     LIL' BIT OF GOLD: KINGSTON TRIO (MC-1988)
A                     BEST OF JUKEBOX ROCK 1962, VOL. II (CD-1989)


A                     ALL MY SORROWS (1959)
A                     BLOW YE WINDS (1XXX)
A                     DARLING COREY (19XX)
A                     EARLY IN THE MORNIN' [DRUNKEN SAILOR] (1959)
A                     GOOD NEWS [1-KINGSTON TRIO] (1959)
A                     GREENBACK DOLLAR (1963)
A                     I BAWLED (1959)
A                     JOHN HARDY (1XXX)
A                     THE LONG BLACK RIFLE (1959)
A                     M.T.A. (1949)
A                     REMEMBER THE ALAMO (1955)
A                     SCARLET RIBBONS (FOR HER HAIR) (1949)
A                     THE SEINE (1959)
A                     TOM DOOLEY (1958)
A                     WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE (1962)

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