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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               U.K. (CD-1978)
      C     P         DANGER MONEY (LP-1979)


      C               ALASKA (1978)
      C               BY THE LIGHT OF DAY (1978)
      C     P         CAESAR'S PALACE BLUES (1978)
      C     P         CARRYING NO CROSS (1978)
      C     P         DANGER MONEY (1978)
      C               IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT (1978)
      C               MENTAL MEDICATION (1978)
      C               NEVERMORE (1978)
      C     P         NOTHING TO LOSE [1-U.K.] (1978)
      C     P         THE ONLY THING SHE NEEDS (1978)
      C               PRESTO VIVACE AND REPRISE (1978)
      C     P         RENDEZVOUS 602 (1978)
      C               THIRTY YEARS (1978)
      C               TIME TO KILL [2-U.K.] (1978)

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