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A                     GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME (LP-1967)
A                     LIVE IN LAS VEGAS (LP-1969)
A                     AM GOLD: 1971 (CD-1990)
A                     AM GOLD: 1967 (CD-1991)


A                     ANY DAY NOW (1962)
A                     BRIGHT LIGHTS AND YOU GIRL (1968)
A                     DANNY BOY (1913)
A                     DELILAH (1968)
A                     GEORGIA ON MY MIND (1930)
A                     GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME (1965)
A                     HARD TO HANDLE (1967)
A                     HELP YOURSELF (1968)
A                     HEY JUDE (1968)
A                     I CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU (1957)
A                     I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN [1-LONNIE DONEGAN] (1962)
A                     IF EVER I WOULD LEAVE YOU (1960)
A                     IT'S NOT UNUSUAL (1965)
A                     KANSAS CITY (1952)
A                     LOVE ME TONIGHT (1969)
A                     MY MOTHER'S EYES (1965)
A                     MY PRAYER (1939)
A                     SHE'S A LADY (1970)
A                     SOMEDAY (YOU'LL WANT ME TO WANT YOU) (1944)
A                     A TASTE OF HONEY (1960)
A                     THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC (1942)
A                     TURN ON YOUR LOVE LIGHT (1961)
A                     TWIST AND SHOUT (1961)
A                     WHEN I FALL IN LOVE (1952)
A                     YESTERDAY (1965)
A                     YOU CAME A LONG WAY FROM ST. LOUIS (1948)

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