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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               WAYLON THE RAMBLIN' MAN (LP-1974)
            P         DREAMING MY DREAMS (LP-1975)
            P         WANTED! THE OUTLAWS (LP-1976)
            P         WAYLON LIVE (LP-1976)
      C               GREATEST HITS [WAYLON JENNINGS] (LP-1979)


            P         BOB WILLS IS STILL THE KING (1974)
            P         GOOD HEARTED WOMAN (1971)
            P         THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (1XXX)
      C     P         I'M A RAMBLIN' MAN (1974)
            P         THE LAST LETTER (1937)
            P         ME AND BOBBY MCGEE (1969)
            P         ME AND PAUL (1971)
            P         PICK UP THE TEMPO (1973)
            P         RAINY DAY WOMAN (1974)
            P         T FOR TEXAS (1927)
            P         THIS TIME (1973)

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