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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A                     SOUNDS OF SILENCE (CD-1966)
A           P         MRS. ROBINSON B/W OLD FRIENDS/BOOKENDS (45-1968)
A           P         BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER (LP-1970)
A                     STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (LP-1975)


A                     ANJI (1961)
A                     APRIL COME SHE WILL (1965)
A           P         BABY DRIVER (1968)
A                     BLESSED [1-SIMON & GARFUNKEL] (1965)
A           P         THE BOXER (1968)
A           P         BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER (1969)
A           P         BYE BYE LOVE [1-EVERLY BROTHERS] (1957)
A           P         CECILIA (1969)
A           P         EL CÓNDOR PASA (1913)
A                     I AM A ROCK (1965)
A                     KATHY'S SONG (1965)
A           P         KEEP THE CUSTOMER SATISFIED (1969)
A                     LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN (1965)
A                     A MOST PECULIAR MAN (1965)
A           P         MRS. ROBINSON (1967)
A                     MY LITTLE TOWN (1975)
A           P         OLD FRIENDS/BOOKENDS (1968)
A           P         THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK (1969)
A                     RICHARD CORY (1965)
A           P         SO LONG, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT (1969)
A                     SOMEWHERE THEY CAN'T FIND ME (1965)
A           P         SONG FOR THE ASKING (1969)
A                     THE SOUND OF SILENCE (1965)
A                     WE'VE GOT A GROOVY THING GOIN' (1965)
A           P         WHY DON'T YOU WRITE ME (1969)

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