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      C               PLEASE PLEASE ME (CD-1963)
      C               WITH THE BEATLES (CD-1963)
      C               BEATLES FOR SALE (CD-1964)
      C               A HARD DAY'S NIGHT [UK VERSION] (CD-1964)
      C               MEET THE BEATLES (LP-1964)
      C               SOMETHING NEW (LP-1964)
      C               SOUTH OF THE BORDER (DO-1964)
      C               HELP! [UK VERSION] (CD-1965)
      C               RUBBER SOUL [UK VERSION] (CD-1965)
      C               REVOLVER [UK VERSION] (CD-1966)
      C               MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR (CD-1967)
      C               SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (CD-1967)
      C               THE BEATLES (WHITE ALBUM) (CD-1968)
      C               HEY JUDE B/W REVOLUTION (45-1968)
      C               ABBEY ROAD (CD-1969)
      C               LIVE IN LAS VEGAS (LP-1969)
      C               WARM (DO-1969)
      C               HIGH AND RIDIN' (LP-1970)
      C               LET IT BE (CD-1970)
      C               LET IT BE B/W YOU KNOW MY NAME (45-1970)
A     C     P         RAM (LP-1971)
      C     P         LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID B/W LOVE IN SONG (45-1975)
      C               THE THIRD REICH 'N ROLL (LP-1975)
      C               HOOKED ON ROCK CLASSICS (LP-1982)
      C               THE BOBS (LP-1983)
      C               TWANG BAR KING (LP-1983)
      C               PAST MASTERS (CD-1988)
            P         THE BEATLES ANTHOLOGY 1 (CD-1995)
      C               BEST OF TWISTED TUNES, VOL. 1 (CD-1997)
      C               BEST OF TWISTED TUNES, VOL. 2 (CD-1997)
      C               STANDING STONE (CD-1997)
      C               MAKE IT HAPPEN/SPECIAL OCCASION (CD-2001)
      C               TIME OUT/FOUR IN BLUE (CD-2001)
A                     DUETS: AN AMERICAN CLASSIC (CD-2006)
A                     THRILLER 25 (CD-2008)
      C               RECOLLECTION (CD-2010)


      C               ALL MY LOVING (1963)
      C               AND I LOVE HER (1964)
      C               ANOTHER GIRL (1965)
      C               BACK IN THE U.S.S.R. (1968)
A     C     P         THE BACK SEAT OF MY CAR (1971)
      C               BLACKBIRD (1968)
      C               CAN'T BUY ME LOVE (1964)
      C               CARRY THAT WEIGHT (1969)
      C               CAYENNE (1960)
A     C     P         DEAR BOY (1971)
A     C     P         EAT AT HOME (1971)
      C               THE END [1-BEATLES] (1969)
      C               EVERY LITTLE THING (1964)
A     C               FIRST OF ALL...IT DIDN'T DO A THING HERE (1962)
      C               FIXING A HOLE (1967)
      C               THE FOOL ON THE HILL (1967)
      C               FOR NO ONE (1966)
            P         FREE AS A BIRD (1994)
      C               GET BACK (1969)
      C               GETTING FATTER ALL THE TIME (199X)
A                     THE GIRL IS MINE (1982)
      C               GOLDEN SLUMBERS (1969)
      C               GOOD DAY SUNSHINE (1966)
      C               GOT TO GET YOU INTO MY LIFE (1966)
A     C     P         HEART OF THE COUNTRY (1971)
      C               HELLO GOODBYE (1967)
      C               HELTER SKELTER (1968)
      C               HER MAJESTY (1969)
      C               HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE (1966)
      C               HEY JUDE (1968)
      C               HOLD ME TIGHT (1963)
      C               HONEY PIE (1968)
      C               I WILL [1-BEATLES] (1968)
      C               I'LL FOLLOW THE SUN (1964)
      C               I'M DOWN (1965)
      C               I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU (1965)
      C               I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE (1965)
      C               IN SPITE OF ALL THE DANGER (1958)
      C               LADY MADONNA (1968)
      C               LET IT BE (1969)
      C               LIKE DREAMERS DO (1961)
      C     P         LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID (1975)
      C               THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD (1969)
A     C     P         LONG HAIRED LADY (1971)
      C     P         LOVE IN SONG (1975)
      C               LOVELY RITA (1967)
      C               MARTHA MY DEAR (1968)
      C               MAXWELL'S SILVER HAMMER (1969)
A     C     P         MONKBERRY MOON DELIGHT (1971)
      C               MOTHER NATURE'S SON (1968)
      C               THE NIGHT BEFORE (1965)
      C               OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA (1968)
      C               OH! DARLING (1969)
      C               P.S. I LOVE YOU [2-BEATLES] (1962)
      C               PAPERBACK WRITER (1966)
      C               PLO'S AND ISRAELIS [EBONY AND IVORY] (199X)
A     C     P         RAM ON (1971)
      C               ROCKY RACCOON (1968)
      C               SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (1967)
      C               SHE CAME IN THROUGH THE BATHROOM WINDOW (1969)
      C               SHE'S A WOMAN (1964)
A     C     P         SMILE AWAY (1971)
A     C               SOMETIMES I'D BORROW...THOSE STILL EXIST (1994)
      C               STANDING STONE 1-1: FIRE/RAIN (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 1-2: CELL GROWTH (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 1-3: 'HUMAN' THEME (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 2-1: MEDITATION (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 2-2: CRYSTAL SHIP (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 2-3: SEA VOYAGE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 2-4: LOST AT SEA (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 2-5: RELEASE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-1: SAFE HAVEN/STANDING STONE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-2: PEACEFUL MOMENT (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-3: MESSENGER (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-4: LAMENT (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-5: TRANCE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 3-6: ECLIPSE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 4-1: GLORY TALES (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 4-2: FUGAL CELEBRATION (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 4-3: RUSTIC DANCE (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 4-4: LOVE DUET (1997)
      C               STANDING STONE 4-5: CELEBRATION (1997)
      C               THINGS WE SAID TODAY (1964)
A     C     P         THREE LEGS (1971)
A     C     P         TOO MANY PEOPLE (1971)
      C               TWO OF US [1-BEATLES] (1969)
A     C     P         UNCLE ALBERT/ADMIRAL HALSEY (1971)
A                     THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU (1934)
      C               WHAT YOU'RE DOING (1964)
      C               WHEN I'M SIXTY-FOUR (1967)
      C               WHY DON'T WE DO IT IN THE ROAD? (1968)
      C               WILD HONEY PIE (1968)
      C               YESTERDAY (1965)
      C               YOU NEVER GIVE ME YOUR MONEY (1969)
      C               YOU WON'T SEE ME (1965)
      C               YOUR MOTHER SHOULD KNOW (1967)

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