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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               THE DIVINE MISS M (LP-1972)
      C               THE SINGLES 1969-1973 (LP-1973)
A     C     P         WILL O' THE WISP (LP-1975)
      C               DREAM (LP-1978)
      C               WILLIE AND FAMILY LIVE (LP-1978)
A           P         HEARTBREAK HOTEL B/W SIOUX CITY SUE (45-1979)
A           P         ONE FOR THE ROAD (LP-1979)
      C               AM GOLD: 1966 (CD-1990)
            P         THE ESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN (CD-2000)
A                     EARL SCRUGGS AND FRIENDS (CD-2001)


A           P         ALWAYS [1-IRVING BERLIN] (1925)
A           P         AM I BLUE (1929)
A     C     P         BACK TO THE ISLAND (1975)
A           P         BECAUSE OF YOU (1940)
A     C     P         BLUEBIRD [2-LEON RUSSELL] (1975)
A     C     P         CAN'T GET OVER LOSING YOU (1975)
A           P         DANNY BOY (1913)
A           P         DETOUR (1945)
A           P         DON'T FENCE ME IN (1944)
A     C     P         DOWN ON DEEP RIVER (1975)
A           P         FAR AWAY PLACES (1948)
A                     FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN (1940)
A           P         HEARTBREAK HOTEL (1956)
A           P         I SAW THE LIGHT [1-HANK WILLIAMS] (1948)
            P         I SHALL BE RELEASED (1967)
A     C     P         LADY BLUE (1975)
A     C     P         LAYING RIGHT HERE IN HEAVEN (1975)
A           P         LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY (1919)
A     C     P         LITTLE HIDEAWAY (1975)
A     C     P         MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD (1975)
A     C     P         MY FATHER'S SHOES (1975)
A           P         ONE FOR MY BABY (AND ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD) (1943)
A           P         RIDIN' DOWN THE CANYON (1936)
      C               SHE'S JUST MY STYLE (1965)
A           P         SIOUX CITY SUE (1945)
      C               A SONG FOR YOU (1970)
A     C     P         STAY AWAY FROM SAD SONGS (1975)
A           P         STORMY WEATHER (1933)
A           P         SUMMERTIME [1-PORGY AND BESS] (1935)
      C               SUPERSTAR [1-DELANEY & BONNIE] (1969)
A           P         TENDERLY (1946)
A           P         THAT LUCKY OLD SUN (1949)
A           P         TROUBLE IN MIND (1927)
A           P         THE WILD SIDE OF LIFE (1952)
A     C     P         WILL O' THE WISP [2-LEON RUSSELL] (1975)
            P         YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE (1967)
A           P         YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE (1939)

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