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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               GHOST IN THE MACHINE (LP-1981)
A                     PARTY PARTY (LP-1982)
A     C               EARL SCRUGGS AND FRIENDS (CD-2001)
      C               AMERICAN IV: THE MAN COMES AROUND (CD-2002)
A                     DUETS: AN AMERICAN CLASSIC (CD-2006)
A                     OVERNIGHT SENSATIONAL (CD-2006)
      C               2CELLOS (CD-2011)


A                     BOULEVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS (1933)
      C               DEMOLITION MAN (1981)
      C               EVERY LITTLE THING SHE DOES IS MAGIC (1981)
A     C               FILL HER UP (1999)
      C               FRAGILE (1987)
      C               HUNGRY FOR YOU (J'AURAIS TOUJOURS FAIM DE TOI) (1981)
      C               I HUNG MY HEAD (1996)
      C               INVISIBLE SUN (1981)
A                     NEED YOUR LOVE SO BAD (1955)
A                     NONE OF US ARE FREE (1989)
      C               ONE WORLD (NOT THREE) (1981)
      C               REHUMANIZE YOURSELF (1981)
      C               SECRET JOURNEY (1981)
      C               SPIRITS IN THE MATERIAL WORLD (1981)
      C               TOO MUCH INFORMATION (1981)
A                     TUTTI-FRUTTI (1955)

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