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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         DECEMBER (CD-1982)
            P         A WINTER'S SOLSTICE (TA-1985)
            P         WINDHAM HILL RECORDS SAMPLER '86 (TA-1986)


            P         CANON IN D (1699)
            P         CAROL OF THE BELLS (1916)
            P         ENGRAVINGS (1986)
            P         ENGRAVINGS II (1985)
            P         GWENLAISE (1986)
            P         THE HOLLY AND THE IVY (17XX)
            P         JESU, JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING (1723)
            P         JESUS, JESUS, REST YOUR HEAD (18XX)
A     C     P         NEW ENGLAND MORNING (1985)
            P         NEW WALTZ (1986)
            P         NIGHT: I-SNOW (1982)
            P         NIGHT: II-MIDNIGHT (1982)
            P         NIGHT: III-MINSTRELS [ST. BASIL'S HYMN] (1XXX)
            P         PEACE (1982)
            P         PRELUDE [1-GEORGE WINSTON] (1982)
            P         SOME CHILDREN SEE HIM (1951)
            P         THANKSGIVING [1-GEORGE WINSTON] (1982)

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