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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               LIQUID SKY (TA-1983)


A     C               AFTERNOON [2-LIQUID SKY] (1982)
A     C               ALIEN'S THEME I (1982)
A     C               ALIEN'S THEME II (1982)
A     C               FASHION SHOW (1982)
A     C               JIMMY'S THEME (1982)
A     C               KATHERINE IN THE CLUB (1982)
A     C               MARGARET'S APARTMENT I (1982)
A     C               MARGARET'S APARTMENT II (1982)
A     C               MARGARET'S CHILDHOOD THEME (1982)
A     C               ME AND MY RHYTHM BOX (1982)
A     C               NIGHT CLUB I (1982)
A     C               NIGHT CLUB II (1982)
A     C               NIGHT CLUB III (1982)
A     C               NOON (1982)
A     C               SEDUCTION OF VINCENT (1982)
A     C               SUNSET [1-LIQUID SKY] (1982)
A     C               THE WAY THE ALIEN KILLS (1982)
A     C               WORDPLAY (1982)

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