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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


            P         THE KICK INSIDE (CD-1978)
            P         LIONHEART (CD-1978)


            P         COFFEE HOMEGROUND (1978)
            P         DON'T PUSH YOUR FOOT ON THE HEARTBRAKE (1978)
            P         FEEL IT [1-KATE BUSH] (1977)
            P         FULLHOUSE (1978)
            P         HAMMER HORROR (1978)
            P         IN SEARCH OF PETER PAN (1978)
            P         IN THE WARM ROOM (1978)
            P         JAMES AND THE COLD GUN (1977)
            P         KASHKA FROM BAGHDAD (1978)
            P         THE KICK INSIDE (1977)
            P         KITE (1977)
            P         L'AMOUR LOOKS SOMETHING LIKE YOU (1977)
            P         THE MAN WITH A CHILD IN HIS EYES (1975)
            P         MOVING (1977)
            P         OH ENGLAND MY LIONHEART (1978)
            P         OH TO BE IN LOVE (1977)
            P         ROOM FOR THE LIFE (1977)
            P         THE SAXOPHONE SONG (1975)
            P         STRANGE PHENOMENA (1977)
            P         SYMPHONY IN BLUE (1978)
            P         THEM HEAVY PEOPLE (1977)
            P         WOW (1978)
            P         WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1977)

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