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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         BEFORE AND AFTER SCIENCE (TA-1977)
      C     P         REMAIN IN LIGHT (CD-1980)
A     C     P         MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS (LP-1981)
A     C     P         THE PEARL (TA-1984)
            P         UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (CD-1991)
            P         THE ESSENTIAL JOHNNY CASH (CD-2002)
            P         VIVA LA VIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS (CD-2008)


A     C     P         AGAINST THE SKY (1984)
A     C     P         ALWAYS RETURNING (1983)
A     C     P         AMERICA IS WAITING (1980)
A     C     P         BACKWATER [1-BRIAN ENO] (1977)
      C     P         BORN UNDER PUNCHES (THE HEAT GOES ON) (1980)
A     C     P         BY THIS RIVER (1977)
A     C     P         THE CARRIER (1980)
            P         CEMETERIES OF LONDON (2008)
            P         CHINESE SLEEP CHANT (2008)
A     C     P         COME WITH US (1980)
      C     P         CROSSEYED AND PAINLESS (1980)
A     C     P         DARK-EYED SISTER (1984)
            P         DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS (2008)
A     C     P         DEEP BLUE DAY (1983)
A     C     P         DRIFT [1-BRIAN ENO] (1983)
A     C     P         AN ECHO OF NIGHT (1984)
A     C     P         AN ENDING (ASCENT) (1983)
A     C     P         ENERGY FOOLS THE MAGICIAN (1977)
            P         THE ESCAPIST (2008)
A     C     P         FORESHADOWED (1984)
            P         42 [2-COLDPLAY] (2008)
      C     P         THE GREAT CURVE (1980)
A     C     P         HELP ME SOMEBODY (1980)
A     C     P         HERE HE COMES (1977)
      C     P         HOUSES IN MOTION (1980)
A     C     P         THE JEZEBEL SPIRIT (1980)
A     C     P         JULIE WITH... (1977)
A     C     P         KING'S LEAD HAT (1977)
A     C     P         KURT'S REJOINDER (1977)
A     C     P         LATE OCTOBER (1984)
            P         LIFE IN TECHNICOLOR (2008)
      C     P         LISTENING WIND (1980)
A     C     P         LOST IN THE HUMMING AIR (1984)
            P         LOST! (2008)
            P         LOVERS IN JAPAN (2008)
A     C     P         MATTA (1983)
A     C     P         MEA CULPA (1980)
A     C     P         MOONLIGHT IN GLORY (1980)
A     C     P         MOUNTAIN OF NEEDLES (1980)
A     C     P         NO ONE RECEIVING (1977)
      C     P         ONCE IN A LIFETIME (1980)
      C     P         THE OVERLOAD (1980)
A     C     P         THE PEARL (1984)
A     C     P         QU'RAN (1980)
A     C     P         REGIMENT (1980)
            P         REIGN OF LOVE (2008)
A     C     P         A SECRET LIFE (1980)
A           P         THE SECRET PLACE (1983)
      C     P         SEEN AND NOT SEEN (1980)
A     C     P         SIGNALS (1983)
A     C     P         THE SILVER BALL (1984)
A           P         SILVER MORNING [2-DANIEL LANOIS] (1983)
A     C     P         SPIDER AND I (1977)
A     C     P         STARS [2-BRIAN ENO] (1983)
A     C     P         STILL RETURN (1984)
            P         STRAWBERRY SWING (2008)
A     C     P         A STREAM WITH BRIGHT FISH (1984)
A     C     P         THEIR MEMORIES (1984)
A     C     P         THROUGH HOLLOW LANDS (1977)
A     C     P         UNDER STARS (1983)
A     C     P         UNDER STARS II (1983)
            P         UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD (1991)
            P         VIOLET HILL (2008)
            P         VIVA LA VIDA (2008)
            P         THE WANDERER [2-U2] (1993)
A     C     P         WEIGHTLESS [2-BRIAN ENO] (1983)
            P         YES [2-COLDPLAY] (2008)

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