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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C     P         ALL SHALL BE WELL (CD-1983)
A     C               HOPE IN A DARKENED HEART (LP-1986)


A     C     P         ALL SHALL BE WELL (1983)
A     C     P         ALTHOUGH I KNOW (1983)
A     C     P         BLUE SKY, WHITE SKY (1983)
A     C               CHARM (1986)
A     C               DARKNESS HAS REACHED ITS END (1986)
A     C               A FATHER (1986)
A     C     P         HOW I MISS YOU (1983)
A     C     P         I LIVE FOR THE DAY (1983)
A     C               I'M SORRY [2-VIRGINIA ASTLEY] (1986)
A     C               LOVE'S A LOVELY PLACE TO BE (1986)
A     C     P         LOVE'S ELOQUENCE (1983)
A     C     P         MARTIN (1983)
A     C     P         MY SMALLEST FRIEND (1983)
A     C               SO LIKE DORIAN (1986)
A     C               SOME SMALL HOPE (1986)
A     C     P         A SUMMER LONG SINCE PASSED (1986)
A     C               TREE TOP CLUB (1986)
A     C     P         YOU TAKE ME AWAY (1983)

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