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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               HAPPY BIRTHDAY (TA-1981)
A                     PARTY PARTY (LP-1982)
A     C               PINKY BLUE (LP-1982)
A     C               BITE (TA-1983)


A     C               ANOTHER LOST LOOK (1983)
A     C               BECKONING STRINGS (1981)
A     C               BRING ME CLOSER (1983)
A     C               CHANGE OF HEART [2-ALTERED IMAGES] (1983)
A     C               A DAY'S WAIT (1981)
A     C               DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT LOVE (1983)
A     C               FAITHLESS (1981)
A     C               FORGOTTEN (1982)
A     C               FUNNY FUNNY ME (1982)
A     C               GOODNIGHT AND I WISH (1982)
A     C               HAPPY BIRTHDAY [1-ALTERED IMAGES] (1981)
A     C               I COULD BE HAPPY (1982)
A     C               IDOLS (1981)
A     C               INSECTS (1981)
A     C               INTRO HAPPY BIRTHDAY (1981)
A     C               JUMP JUMP (1982)
A     C               LEAVE ME ALONE [2-ALTERED IMAGES] (1981)
A     C               LEGIONAIRE [SIC] (1981)
A     C               LITTLE BROWN HEAD (1982)
A                     LITTLE TOWN FLIRT (1963)
A     C               LOVE AND KISSES (1981)
A     C               LOVE TO STAY (1983)
A     C               MIDNIGHT (1981)
A     C               NOW THAT YOU'RE HERE (1983)
A     C               OUTRO HAPPY BIRTHDAY (1981)
A     C               PINKY BLUE (1982)
A     C               REAL TOYS (1981)
A     C               SEE THOSE EYES (1982)
A     C               SEE YOU LATER (1982)
A                     SONG SUNG BLUE (1972)
A     C               STAND SO QUIET (1983)
A     C               THINK THAT IT MIGHT (1982)
A     C               THINKING ABOUT YOU (1983)

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