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            P         SLOW TRAIN COMING (LP-1979)
            P         THE BOCEPHUS BOX (CD-2000)
            P         THE ESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN (CD-2000)


            P         AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS ('T'AIN'T NOBODY'S BIZ-NESS IF I DO) (1922)
            P         BIG MAMOU (1953)
            P         BORN TO BOOGIE (1987)
            P         COUNTRY STATE OF MIND (1986)
            P         DO RIGHT TO ME BABY (DO UNTO OTHERS) (1979)
            P         FINDERS ARE KEEPERS (1989)
            P         GONNA CHANGE MY WAY OF THINKING (1979)
            P         GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY (1979)
            P         HEAVEN CAN'T BE FOUND (1987)
            P         HONKY TONK WOMEN (1969)
            P         HOTEL WHISKEY (1992)
            P         THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (1XXX)
            P         I BELIEVE IN YOU [2-BOB DYLAN] (1979)
            P         I REALLY LIKE GIRLS (1987)
            P         IF IT WILL IT WILL (1991)
            P         KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF (1986)
            P         LONE WOLF (1990)
            P         LOW DOWN BLUES (1954)
            P         MAN GAVE NAME TO ALL THE ANIMALS (1979)
            P         MAN TO MAN (1989)
            P         MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS (1949)
            P         MY NAME IS BOCEPHUS (1987)
            P         PRECIOUS ANGEL (1979)
            P         ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC (1957)
            P         SECRET AGENT MAN (1965)
            P         SLOW TRAIN (1979)
            P         STONED AT THE JUKEBOX (1990)
            P         THANKS A LOT (1964)
            P         THERE'S A TEAR IN MY BEER (1952)
            P         TUESDAY'S GONE (1973)
            P         WHEN HE RETURNS (1979)
            P         WHEN YOU GONNA WAKE UP (1979)
            P         WILD DOGS (1975)
            P         WORKIN' FOR MCA (1974)
            P         YOU'RE GONNA BE A SORRY MAN (1988)

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