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      C               ELECTRIC LADYLAND (DO-1968)
      C               THE WEIGHT B/W I SHALL BE RELEASED (45-1968)
A     C               LAY LADY LAY B/W I THREW IT ALL AWAY (45-1969)
      C               WAYLON JENNINGS [AT JD'S] (LP-1969)
      C               (TEN) YEARS TOGETHER (LP-1970)
      C               ALIOTTA HAYNES JEREMIAH (LP-1971)
      C               EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY (LP-1971)
      C               BETTE MIDLER (LP-1973)
      C               THE CONTEMPORARY BALLAD BOOK (LP-1974)
      C               TOGETHER IN CONCERT (LP-1975)
      C               FAITHFUL (CD-1976)
      C               FEARLESS [HOYT AXTON] (LP-1976)
A     C               SLOW TRAIN COMING (LP-1979)
      C               ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS (TA-1987)
      C               THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (LP-1987)
      C               BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1965 (TA-1989)
      C               YOUNG LIONS (TA-1990)
      C               LSD: LAKE SHORE DRIVE AT 25 (CD-1996)
      C               THE WALKER BROTHERS COLLECTION (CD-1996)
      C               THE WHITE STRIPES (CD-1999)
A     C               THE ESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN (CD-2000)
A     C               THE ESSENTIAL JOHNNY CASH (CD-2002)
A     C               SUNSHINE DAYDREAM (CD-2002)
      C               THE ULTIMATE HITS (CD-2007)
      C               BOO! (CD-2008)


A     C               ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (1967)
A     C               BLIND WILLIE MCTELL (1983)
A     C               BLOWIN' IN THE WIND (1962)
A     C               CAN YOU PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW? (1965)
A     C               CHANGING OF THE GUARDS (1978)
A     C               DIGNITY (1989)
A     C               DO RIGHT TO ME BABY (DO UNTO OTHERS) (1979)
A     C               DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALL RIGHT (1962)
A     C               EVERYTHING IS BROKEN (1989)
A     C               FOREVER YOUNG [1-BOB DYLAN] (1973)
A     C               GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY (1963)
A     C               GONNA CHANGE MY WAY OF THINKING (1979)
A     C               GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY (1979)
A     C               HURRICANE (1975)
A     C               I BELIEVE IN YOU [2-BOB DYLAN] (1979)
      C               I DREAMED I SAW ST. AUGUSTINE (1967)
A     C               I SHALL BE FREE NO. 10 (1964)
A     C               I SHALL BE RELEASED (1967)
A     C               I THREW IT ALL AWAY (1969)
A     C               I WANT YOU [1-BOB DYLAN] (1966)
A     C               I'LL BE YOUR BABY TONIGHT (1967)
A     C               IF NOT FOR YOU (1970)
A     C               IT AIN'T ME, BABE (1964)
A     C               IT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE (1965)
A     C     P         JOKERMAN (1983)
A     C               JUST LIKE A WOMAN (1966)
A     C               KNOCKIN' ON HEAVEN'S DOOR (1973)
A     C               LAY LADY LAY (1969)
A     C               LIKE A ROLLING STONE (1965)
      C               LONG TIME GONE [1-BOB DYLAN] (1962)
A     C               MAGGIE'S FARM (1965)
A     C               MAN GAVE NAME TO ALL THE ANIMALS (1979)
      C               MOST LIKELY YOU GO YOUR WAY AND I'LL GO MINE (1966)
      C               MR. ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (2008)
A     C               MR. TAMBOURINE MAN (1965)
      C               NORTH COUNTRY BLUES (1963)
      C               NOT ALONE ANYMORE (1988)
A     C               NOT DARK YET (1997)
      C               ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS (1974)
      C               ONE MORE CUP OF COFFEE (1975)
A     C               POSITIVELY 4TH STREET (1965)
A     C               PRECIOUS ANGEL (1979)
A     C     P         QUINN THE ESKIMO (THE MIGHTY QUINN) (1967)
A     C               RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 AND 35 (1966)
      C               RESTLESS FAREWELL (1963)
A     C     P         SHELTER FROM THE STORM (1974)
A     C               SILVIO (1987)
A     C               SLOW TRAIN (1979)
A     C               SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES (1965)
A     C     P         TANGLED UP IN BLUE (1974)
A     C     P         THINGS HAVE CHANGED [2-BOB DYLAN] (1999)
      C               THIS WHEEL'S ON FIRE (1967)
A     C               THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' (1963)
      C               TO MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE (1997)
      C               TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME (1963)
      C               TOO MUCH OF NOTHING (1967)
      C               WALKIN' DOWN THE LINE (1963)
A     C               WHEN HE RETURNS (1979)
A     C               WHEN YOU GONNA WAKE UP (1979)
A     C               YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE (1967)

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