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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


A     C               LIFE'S TOO GOOD (CD-1988)


A     C               BIRTHDAY [2-SUGARCUBES] (1988)
A     C               BLUE EYED POP (1988)
A     C               CAT [1-SUGARCUBES] (1988)
A     C               COLDSWEAT (1988)
A     C               COWBOY (1988)
A     C               DELICIOUS DEMON (1988)
A     C               DEUS (1988)
A     C               DRAGON (1988)
A     C               FUCKING IN RHYTHM AND SORROW (1988)
A     C               I WANT... (1988)
A     C               MAMA (1988)
A     C               MOTORCRASH (1988)
A     C               SICK FOR TOYS (1988)
A     C               TAKE SOME PETROL DARLING (1988)
A     C               TRAITOR (1988)

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