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A     C               CHRISTOPHER CROSS (LP-1979)
A     C               ARTHUR'S THEME B/W MINSTREL GIGOLO (45-1981)
A     C               ANOTHER PAGE (LP-1983)
A     C               EVERY TURN OF THE WORLD (LP-1985)
A     C               BACK OF MY MIND (LP-1988)


A     C               ALIBI (1988)
A     C               ALL RIGHT (1982)
A     C               ANY OLD TIME (1988)
A     C               ARTHUR'S THEME (BEST THAT YOU CAN DO) (1981)
A     C               BABY SAYS NO (1982)
A     C               BACK OF MY MIND (1988)
A     C               CHARM THE SNAKE (1985)
A     C               DEAL 'EM AGAIN (1982)
A     C               DON'T SAY GOODBYE (1985)
A     C               EVERY TURN OF THE WORLD (1985)
A     C               I HEAR YOU CALL (1985)
A     C               I REALLY DON'T KNOW ANYMORE (1979)
A     C               I WILL (TAKE YOU FOREVER) (1988)
A     C               I'LL BE ALRIGHT (1988)
A     C               IT'S YOU THAT REALLY MATTERS (1985)
A     C               JUST ONE LOOK [2-CHRISTOPHER CROSS] (1988)
A     C               THE LIGHT IS ON (1979)
A     C               LONG WORLD (1982)
A     C               LOVE FOUND A HOME (1985)
A     C               LOVE IS LOVE (IN ANY LANGUAGE) (1985)
A     C               MINSTREL GIGOLO (1979)
A     C               NATURE OF THE GAME (1982)
A     C               NEVER BE THE SAME (1979)
A     C               NEVER STOP BELIEVING (1988)
A     C               NO TIME FOR TALK (1982)
A     C               OPEN YOUR HEART [1-CHRISTOPHER CROSS] (1985)
A     C               POOR SHIRLEY (1979)
A     C               RIDE LIKE THE WIND (1979)
A     C               SAILING (1979)
A     C               SAY YOU'LL BE MINE (1979)
A     C               SHE TOLD ME SO [2-CHRISTOPHER CROSS] (1988)
A     C               SOMEDAY [1-CHRISTOPHER CROSS] (1988)
A     C               SPINNING (1979)
A     C               SWEPT AWAY (1988)
A     C               SWING STREET (1985)
A     C               TALKING IN MY SLEEP (1982)
A     C               THAT GIRL (1985)
A     C               THINK OF LAURA (1982)
A     C               WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE (1982)
A     C               WORDS OF WISDOM (1982)

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