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            P         SOUNDS OF SILENCE (CD-1966)
            P         A BOY NAMED SUE B/W SAN QUENTIN (45-1969)
            P         LAY LADY LAY B/W I THREW IT ALL AWAY (45-1969)
            P         TOP OF THE ROCK (LP-1970)
            P         COUNTRY TIMES (LP-1973)
            P         THE BEST OF LEONARD COHEN (LP-1975)
            P         THE ESSENTIAL BOB DYLAN (CD-2000)
            P         THE ESSENTIAL JOHNNY CASH (CD-2002)


            P         ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (1967)
            P         ANJI (1961)
            P         APRIL COME SHE WILL (1965)
            P         BIRD ON THE WIRE (1968)
            P         BLESSED [1-SIMON & GARFUNKEL] (1965)
            P         A BOY NAMED SUE (1969)
            P         CAN YOU PLEASE CRAWL OUT YOUR WINDOW? (1965)
            P         CHANGES, CIRCLES SPINNING (1969)
            P         DADDY SANG BASS (1968)
            P         FAMOUS BLUE RAINCOAT (1971)
            P         FLESH AND BLOOD (1970)
            P         FOLSOM PRISON BLUES (1955)
            P         GIRL FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY (1963)
            P         I AM A ROCK (1965)
            P         I THREW IT ALL AWAY (1969)
            P         I WANT YOU [1-BOB DYLAN] (1966)
            P         I'LL BE YOUR BABY TONIGHT (1967)
            P         IF I WERE A CARPENTER (1966)
            P         IF NOT FOR YOU (1970)
            P         JUST LIKE A WOMAN (1966)
            P         KATHY'S SONG (1965)
            P         LADY MIDNIGHT (1968)
            P         LAST YEAR'S MAN (1971)
            P         LAY LADY LAY (1969)
            P         LEAVES THAT ARE GREEN (1965)
            P         A MOST PECULIAR MAN (1965)
            P         THE PARTISAN (1943)
            P         POSITIVELY 4TH STREET (1965)
            P         RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 AND 35 (1966)
            P         RICHARD CORY (1965)
            P         SAN QUENTIN (1969)
            P         SOMEWHERE THEY CAN'T FIND ME (1965)
            P         THE SOUND OF SILENCE (1965)
            P         SUNDAY MORNIN' COMIN' DOWN (1969)
            P         SWANEE (1919)
            P         WE'VE GOT A GROOVY THING GOIN' (1965)

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