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            P         KENNY ROGERS (LP-1976)
            P         DAYTIME FRIENDS (LP-1977)
            P         ANYONE WHO ISN'T ME TONIGHT B/W YOU AND ME (45-1978)
            P         THE GAMBLER (LP-1978)
            P         I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN (LP-1978)
            P         LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT (LP-1978)


            P         ABNER BROWN (1977)
            P         AFTER TAXES (1977)
            P         AM I TOO LATE (1977)
            P         ANYONE WHO ISN'T ME TONIGHT (1978)
            P         BURIED TREASURES (1978)
            P         DAYTIME FRIENDS (1977)
            P         DESPERADO (1973)
            P         EVEN A FOOL WOULD LET GO (1974)
            P         THE GAMBLER (1978)
            P         GHOST OF ANOTHER MAN (1977)
            P         GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME (1965)
            P         HIGHWAY FLYER (1974)
            P         THE HOODOOIN' OF MISS FANNIE DEBERRY (1978)
            P         HURT SO BAD [2-JOHNNY CASH] (1977)
            P         I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW (1972)
            P         I COULD BE SO GOOD FOR YOU (1978)
            P         I DON'T THINK I COULD TAKE YOU BACK AGAIN (1977)
      C     P         I WASN'T MAN ENOUGH (1976)
            P         I WISH THAT I COULD HURT THAT WAY AGAIN (1978)
            P         I WOULD LIKE TO SEE YOU AGAIN (1977)
            P         I'LL JUST WRITE MY MUSIC AND SING MY SONGS (1977)
            P         I'M ALRIGHT NOW (1977)
            P         KING OF OAK STREET (1978)
            P         LATELY (1977)
            P         LAURA (WHAT'S HE GOT THAT I AIN'T GOT) (1967)
            P         LAY DOWN BESIDE ME (1976)
            P         LET ME SING FOR YOU (1977)
            P         A LITTLE MORE LIKE ME (THE CRUCIFIXION) (1978)
            P         LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE IT (1978)
            P         LUCILLE [2-BYNUM/BOWLING] (1976)
      C     P         LYING AGAIN (1977)
            P         MAKING MUSIC FOR MONEY (1978)
            P         MOMMA'S WAITING (1970)
            P         MORGANA JONES (1978)
            P         MOTHER COUNTRY MUSIC (1976)
            P         MY WORLD BEGINS AND ENDS WITH YOU (1977)
            P         PUTTIN' IN OVERTIME AT HOME (1975)
            P         ROCK AND ROLL MAN (1977)
            P         SAIL AWAY [1-KENNY ROGERS] (1977)
            P         SAN FRANCISCO MABEL JOY (1969)
            P         SHE BELIEVES IN ME (1978)
            P         SLEEP TIGHT, GOODNIGHT MAN (1978)
            P         SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SONG (1978)
            P         THE SON OF HICKORY HOLLER'S TRAMP (1967)
            P         STARTING AGAIN (1978)
            P         SWEET MUSIC MAN (1977)
            P         TENNESSEE BOTTLE (1978)
      C     P         THAT'S THE WAY IT IS (1977)
            P         THERE'S A LOT OF THAT GOING AROUND (1978)
            P         'TIL I GET IT RIGHT (1972)
            P         WE COULD HAVE BEEN THE CLOSEST OF FRIENDS (1978)
            P         WE DON'T MAKE LOVE ANYMORE (1977)
            P         WHILE I PLAY THE FIDDLE (1972)
            P         WHO'S GENE AUTRY? (1977)
            P         WHY DON'T WE GO SOMEWHERE AND LOVE (1972)
      C     P         YOU AND ME [3-BUTLER/BOWLING] (1978)

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