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A = Artist, C = Composer, P = Producer


      C               HARMONY (LP-1971)
      C               JOY TO THE WORLD B/W I CAN HEAR YOU CALLING (45-1971)
      C               STEPPENWOLF GOLD: THEIR GREAT HITS (LP-1971)
      C               LADIES LOVE OUTLAWS (LP-1972)
A     C               FEARLESS [HOYT AXTON] (LP-1976)
      C               LIL' BIT OF GOLD: KINGSTON TRIO (MC-1988)
      C               BILLBOARD TOP ROCK 'N' ROLL HITS 1971 (TA-1989)
      C               GULF STREAM DREAMIN' (CD-1991)


A     C               AN OLD GREYHOUND (1976)
A     C               BEYOND THESE WALLS (1976)
A     C               THE DEVIL (1976)
A     C               EVANGELINA (1976)
A     C               FLASH OF FIRE (1976)
      C               GREENBACK DOLLAR (1963)
A     C               GYPSY MOTH (1976)
A     C               IDOL OF THE BAND (1976)
A     C               JEALOUS MAN (1976)
      C               JOY TO THE WORLD [2-THREE DOG NIGHT] (1971)
A                     LAY LADY LAY (1969)
      C               NEVER BEEN TO SPAIN (1971)
A     C               PAID IN ADVANCE (1976)
A     C               PENNY WHISTLE SONG (1976)
      C               THE PUSHER (1968)
A     C               A STONE AND A FEATHER (1976)

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