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This guide consolidates most of the readily available information about specific episodes of the original version of "I've Got a Secret," which ran on CBS television from 1952 to 1967. The guide is extensively indexed and cross-referenced to help in identifying groups of related episodes.

This guide contains spoilers, but they can be avoided because any such details are placed at the bottom of their respective pages. If all you want is a basic list of episodes without spoilers, you can choose to view only the summary tables that precede the detail sections. (Click on any of the years above for an example.) If you care about spoilers only in some cases, there are several ways of jumping to the details for one episode while avoiding others.

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Number of episodes

The entire run of "I've Got a Secret" (6/19/52–4/3/67) spans a total of 773 calendar weeks, including weeks it didn't air or was in reruns. This guide lists 576 episodes. The actual number of episodes that were made is about halfway in between those two numbers — 672 at least.

We know this because in the 10th anniversary episode of 6/18/62, Garry states that it is the 489th episode; but it is only the 393rd episode listed, so 96 earlier episodes are unaccounted for (576 entries + 96 missing = 672). Some later episodes also probably are missing, but not nearly as many; so 672, while a minimum, is a pretty close estimate.

As can be seen from the table below, many of the missing episodes are from 1954, while the year yielding the most information is 1959. Because some episodes are missing, this guide does not assign sequential numbers to the individual episodes, but refers to them by air date or calendar week.

Even though 15% of the episodes are missing altogether and another 21% have only minimal information, we still believe this guide contains more information than anything else that is freely available.

Year Seen
by us
From GSN
1952     23 23
1953 3 1 27 31
1954 1   19 20
1955 6   38 44
1956 18 2 12 32
1957 26   8 34
1958 39 4   43
1959 46   3 49
1960 42 1 3 46
1961 45 1 1 47
1962 23 13   36
1963   41 1 42
1964 35 3 1 39
1965 40 1 1 42
1966 31 2 5 38
1967 8 1 1 10
Totals 363 70 143 576


Our main sources of information are:

We have not viewed any episodes from the 1962–63 season or from the rest of 1963 except where we have been able to find them on YouTube. The reason we missed these episodes on GSN is that GSN resumed airing the show starting from this point after an absence of almost three years, and at first we were unaware it had returned. Therefore, facts about this time period have been acquired secondhand from the GSN message board.

Other Disclaimers

This guide uses U.S.-style dates; for example, 4/3 means April 3, not 4 March.

Every attempt has been made to verify the spelling of names of people and places using Web sources, but it is not always possible to do so for contestants who are not well known.

The guide is broken out by calendar year. It would be more correct to break it out by program season beginning in September, but with the earlier years we don't always know the exact week a new season started. The show originally ran all year and did not begin observing a regular summer hiatus until 1962.

In general, people directly associated with the show (including guest hosts and panelists) are referred to by their first names, whereas contestants and special guests are not. Exceptions are made for the two longtime regular hosts (Garry and Steve) and the six longtime regular panelists (Bill, Henry, Jayne, Faye, Betsy, and Bess), who because of their familiarity are referred to by their first names even when they appear as special guests.

Generalized statements about the crew — for example, who the director was for an entire year — are based on incomplete information and are noted as such. Similarly, in some cases, the seating order of the panel is an unconfirmed assumption based on the normal seating order, for the purpose of creating a table.

Cast and Crew

Following is a summary of the people who regularly appeared or received onscreen credits over the entire run of the show. The numbers in parentheses are year ranges. (Since our information is incomplete, it's possible that some of the year ranges should be longer.) The guide provides credits for specific episodes wherever available.

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