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I've Got a Secret — 1967

Episodes listed on this page:

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All air dates are Mondays.


For all of these final episodes, the Host was Steve Allen and the Panel in seating order from left to right were Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen, Bess Myerson, and Henry Morgan (no substitutions).


The Sponsor is known for only three episodes and is different each time (Spec-T, Vanquish, Tegrin). Otherwise, all the credits, where known, are the same and therefore are not included in the details section below.

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Calendar week Air date Guest
760: 1/1-7/67 1/2/67 Phyllis Diller
761: 1/8-14/67 1/9/67 Robert Merrill
762: 1/15-21/67 [N/A]
763: 1/22-28/67 1/23/67 Pearl Bailey
764: 1/29-2/4/67 1/30/67 Soupy Sales
765: 2/5-11/67 2/6/67 John Daly
766: 2/12-18/67 2/13/67 Cliff Robertson
767: 2/19-25/67 2/20/67 Dina Merrill
768: 2/26-3/4/67 2/27/67 Woody Allen
769: 3/5-11/67 [N/A]
770: 3/12-18/67 [N/A]
771: 3/19-25/67 3/20/67 Jim Backus
772: 3/26-4/1/67 [N/A]
773: 4/2-8/67 4/3/67 Lynn Redgrave

Week 761, 1/9/67

Sponsor: Spec-T

  1. Ann Strobel, New Orleans: "I'm the only woman ever to win the World's Fly Casting Championship." She demonstrates her aim by casting a fishing line so as to hit a cymbal placed on the stage. Then Steve and Henry hold each end of a cigarette in their mouths and she breaks it in half.
  2. Ted Jordan, Los Angeles: "I get shot every week by Marshal Dillon at the start of Gunsmoke."
  3. Guest Robert Merrill: Repeat of Ethel Merman's secret from 11/22/65, in which the panel play tunes by the numbers on a xylophone and must guess the tune. After the commercial, all four panelists play an arrangement of "You Are My Sunshine."

Week 763, 1/23/67

This entire episode is viewable on YouTube in three parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  1. Milton Barrett, NYC, 11: "I'm a professional basketball player." Betsy guesses, going last. His team is Edgie's Whiz Kids (Edgie is short for Education Alliance). Five older teammates (Gregory Wright, R.V. Davies, Ivory Daniels, Otto Gomez, Alfred Carbrea) join him in passing the ball around Harlem Globetrotters-style. Coach Sol Lane is in the audience.
  2. David James, Pasadena, CA, graduate student at Cal Tech, brings out a beaker containing polyethylene oxide dissolved in water. "This liquid can flow uphill." He begins pouring the liquid out, then sets the beaker down and the liquid keeps flowing up the side and out of the beaker. The polymer molecules are so long that they become entangled and pull the water up with them.
  3. Guest Pearl Bailey: "I'm going to watch the rest of the show from backstage … An impersonator [George Kirby] will answer the panel's questions for me." Bill guesses, going third. Bailey and Kirby then sing a duet of "I'm Tired."

Week 764, 1/30/67

This entire episode is viewable on YouTube in three parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  1. "Mr. X" (Lt. Dieter Dengler): "I escaped from a Communist prison camp … after being shot down over North Vietnam." Bess guesses, going last.
  2. Lee Taylor, Mexico City: "My son was born in a car — I delivered him … I was born in a car, too." His father, Jack D. Taylor, Pasadena, TX: "I delivered him."
  3. Guest Soupy Sales: Reprise of Peter Falk's secret from 10/11/65, in which the panel identify celebrities depicted in old photos: Elizabeth Taylor, Phyllis Diller (no one guesses), Jackie Gleason, Frank Sinatra, Jayne Meadows, Joan Crawford.

Week 765, 2/6/67

  1. Dick Munsell of San Diego is a stunt flyer of old airplanes. A still photo is shown of someone sitting on top of a plane in flight. "The wing walker in this picture is Steve Allen." Bill guesses, going last, after which film of the flight is shown.
  2. Bob Armstrong, Knoxville, president of Rowe Moving and Storage: In 1957, "The company fired me." In 1962, "By then I'd earned enough money to buy the company."
  3. Guest John Daly: Reprise of Daly's secret from 2/21/66, in which enlargements of front pages are shown, taken from the book "The Story of America as Reported in Its Newspapers," and the panel guess the historic event being described.

Week 766, 2/13/67

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 63, posted 1/28/03 by bossradio93):

  1. Two men do a trampoline stunt, then say they can do the same stunt while skiing. Film is shown.
  2. World War II Pilot Ken Dauber was awarded a Distinguished Service Cross in 1945, but didn't receive it until this year because no one told him about it.
  3. Guest Cliff Robertson: While Steve is lying down, Robertson is going to run over him with a vehicle called a Jigger.

Week 767, 2/20/67

  1. Stage technician Thor Larsen receives a fishing pole upon his retirement after 34 years with CBS.
  2. Bob McGrath, Teaneck, NJ (later of "Sesame Street" fame): "My recordings of Irish songs are best sellers … but only in Japan." This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Sir Humphrey Noble and Arthur Primer, England: It's "The 60th anniversary of the Boy Scouts … We were the world's first Boy Scouts."
  4. Guest Dina Merrill: Photos are shown that were taken inside the panel's homes, while their memories are tested.

Week 768, 2/27/67

  1. Prasanna Rao does hand shadows and shows the panel how to do them (Betsy: cow; Bill: rabbit; Bess: elephant; Henry: parrot). This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Virgil Quick, Curt Fast, Robert Speedy, OH: "Mr. Speedy is a highway patrolman." … "I gave Mr. Quick a ticket for driving too fast … I gave Mr. Fast a ticket for driving too slow."
  3. Guest Woody Allen: The panel try to guess words based on definitions given by first- and second-graders. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 771, 3/20/67

Sponsor: Vanquish

  1. Capt. Ralph Barnaby, Philadelphia; Jerry Brinkman, Dayton; Robert Heuser, Berkeley; Fred Hoovin: "We just won the first international competition [Scientific American] for making paper airplanes."
  2. Kay (and Fay) Abel, DC: "My twin sister broke her leg the same way on the same day."
  3. Guest Jim Backus: "The panel doesn't know it, but they just took an eye test."

Week 773, 4/3/67

Sponsor: Tegrin

Apparently it was not known at the time that this episode would be the last. According to Kinescopes, it was supposed to air five weeks earlier (2/27) and the farewells that appear at the end were recorded later and added. Tommy Gun has posted a transcript of the farewell segment. The entire episode (including the original commercials) is viewable on YouTube in four parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  1. Stephen McPhee, Seattle: "I ride the world's tallest unicycle" (20 feet high).
  2. Jack, Charles, Max, Harry Drucker, Kingstree, SC and Miami Beach: "We're all here on our honeymoons." Betsy guesses, going last.
  3. Guest Lynn Redgrave: Based on 100 Americans' answers to questions, the panel guess how many Britons answered the same way.

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