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I've Got a Secret — 1966

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Calendar Week Air Date Guest Panelist 1 Panelist 2 Panelist 3 Panelist 4
708: 1/2-8/66 1/3/66 Hugh O'Brian Regular (Betsy, Bill, Bess, Henry)
709: 1/9-15/66 1/10/66 King Sisters [Unknown]
710: 1/16-22/66 1/17/66 [None] Regular
711: 1/23-29/66 1/24/66 Frank Gorshin [Unknown]
712: 1/30-2/5/66 1/31/66 Carol Burnett Regular
713: 2/6-12/66 2/7/66 Robert Morse Regular
714: 2/13-19/66 2/14/66 Phyllis Diller Betsy Arthur Godfrey Bess Henry
715: 2/20-26/66 2/21/66 John Daly Betsy Arthur Godfrey Bess Phyllis Diller
716: 2/27-3/5/66 2/28/66 Vivian Vance Betsy Bill Jayne Henry
717: 3/6-12/66 3/7/66 Edgar Buchanan Betsy Bill Lee Remick Henry
718: 3/13-19/66 3/14/66 Tom Poston, Peggy Cass,
Orson Bean, Kitty Carlisle
719: 3/20-26/66 3/21/66 Bob Holiday Regular
720: 3/27-4/2/66 [Unknown]
721: 4/3-9/66 4/4/66 Phil Ford, Mimi Hines Jayne Bill Bess Henry
722: 4/10-16/66 4/11/66 George Segal Regular
723: 4/17-23/66 4/18/66 Gretchen Wyler [Unknown]
724: 4/24-30/66 4/25/66 Joe Garagiola Regular
725: 5/1-7/66 5/2/66 Sheila MacRae [Unknown]
726: 5/8-14/66 5/9/66 E.G. Marshall Regular
727: 5/15-21/66 [Unknown]
728: 5/22-28/66 5/23/66 Hugh O'Brian Regular
729: 5/29-6/4/66 5/30/66 Shelley Winters Regular
730: 6/5-11/66 6/6/66 Arlene Francis Regular
731: 6/12-18/66 6/13/66 Robert Goulet Regular
732: 6/19-25/66 6/20/66 Sam Levenson Regular
733: 6/26-7/2/66 [N/A]
734: 7/3-9/66 [N/A]
735: 7/10-16/66 [N/A]
736: 7/17-23/66 [N/A]
737: 7/24-30/66 [N/A]
738: 7/31-8/6/66 [N/A]
739: 8/7-13/66 [N/A]
740: 8/14-20/66 [N/A]
741: 8/21-27/66 [N/A]
742: 8/28-9/3/66 [N/A]
743: 9/4-10/66 9/5/66 Garry Regular
744: 9/11-17/66 [Unknown]
745: 9/18-24/66 9/19/66 Edie Adams Regular
746: 9/25-10/1/66 9/26/66 Soupy Sales Regular
747: 10/2-8/66 10/3/66 Buddy Hackett Regular
748: 10/9-15/66 10/10/66 John Gary Regular
749: 10/16-22/66 10/17/66 Lucille Ball Regular
750: 10/23-29/66 10/24/66 Jack E. Leonard Regular
751: 10/30-11/5/66 [N/A]
752: 11/6-12/66 11/7/66 Walter Cronkite Regular
753: 11/13-19/66 11/14/66 Arlene Dahl Regular
754: 11/20-26/66 11/21/66 Rossano Brazzi Regular
755: 11/27-12/3/66 11/28/66 Walter Pidgeon Regular
756: 12/4-10/66 12/5/66 Bud Collyer Regular
757: 12/11-17/66 12/12/66 Victor Borge Regular
758: 12/18-24/66 12/19/66 [None] Regular
759: 12/25-31/66 12/26/66 Paul Anka Regular

Week 708, 1/3/66

Sponsor: General Foods

  1. Guest Hugh O'Brian: Telephones are on stage, each connected to a different location. The panel are to make predictions about facts that will be revealed later in the show by someone at the other end of each telephone.
  2. John Winpenny, Hatfield, UK: "I took off and flew an airplane that has no motor … I turned the propeller by pedaling with my feet." Henry guesses, going last.
  3. O'Brian speaks to someone at the other end of each telephone as the panel's predictions are revealed.

Week 710, 1/17/66

Sponsor: General Foods

All the contestants are "Mr. X" and are the sons of famous male entertainers.

  1. Brian Carney sings "La Bamba." "My father is Art Carney." Bess guesses, going second.
  2. An instrumental version of "500 Miles" is performed by the Live Wires: Drummer Richard Ianusi and guitarists Tony Caruso, Joey Kennedy, and Dennis Kirby ("My father is Durward Kirby"). Betsy guesses, going last, after Henry disqualifies himself.
  3. Bobby Fontaine: "My father is Frank Fontaine."
  4. David Allen, 16: "My father is Steve Allen." Betsy guesses, going second. After the commercial, father and son play a piano duet.

Week 712, 1/31/66

Sponsor: General Foods
Associate Director: Peter Levin

  1. John J. Loughlin, NYC, photographer: "The only camera I've ever used is a one-dollar box camera." Henry guesses, going first. The camera is from 1919. Loughlin uses a hearing aid and cannot speak distinctly.
  2. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Twitchell, South Paris, ME, are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and still have a piece of their wedding cake. "I'm wearing the suit I was married in." Henry, going last, is about to guess but is buzzed. Bill tries on his own wedding jacket from a mere 10 years ago.
  3. Guest Carol Burnett: The book "Trivia and More Trivia," by Dan Carlinsky and Edwin Goodgold of Columbia University, will be published soon, so four students from Columbia (Richard Taruscan, Alan Joyce, Richard Paschle, and William Heinbach) compete against the panel in a trivia contest about TV shows. The panel win, but only because Burnett gives them an extra turn while seemingly forgetting the students are there.

Week 713, 2/7/66

Sponsor: Tempo
Associate Director: Peter Levin

  1. Marguerite Belleri, Jackson Heights, NYC: "I sing with the Metropolitan Opera Company … I've sung with the Met every season since 1910." This is the last season before the company moves to Lincoln Center. Belleri sings Schubert accompanied by daughter Elizabeth Martiny on piano. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Tom Williams, Duluth, MN, of Boston Bruins: "I'm a professional ice hockey player … I'm the only American-born player in major league hockey."
  3. Guest Robert Morse: Each panelist is shown an original model of a famous invention and must guess what it is. Only Bill fails to guess, but his is probably the hardest.

Week 714, 2/14/66

Sponsor: General Foods
Panel: Betsy, Arthur Godfrey, Bess, Henry
Associate Director: Dan F. Smith

  1. Harry Ruby: "I walk 4 miles a day looking for money on the streets … This box contains all the money I've found in 10 years." He's never counted it, so Steve starts pouring it into a change-counting machine.
  2. Mary and Rick Rodan, Roseville, MI, got married 10 days ago after he returned from Vietnam. "Her letters saved my life … I kept them in my helmet and they deflected a bullet." Arthur guesses after time runs out. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Phyllis Diller: Appears with Gloria Johnson. "I design all Phyllis Diller's clothes." Diller: "I was named one of the world's 10 worst-dressed women."
  4. Ruby returns at the end, when it is revealed that his found money totals $216.07. He sings "Nevertheless," "Who's Sorry Now," "Three Little Words," and "I Wanna Be Loved by You."

Week 715, 2/21/66

Panel: Betsy, Arthur Godfrey, Bess, Phyllis Diller
Associate Director: Dan F. Smith

  1. Mrs. Edward Petrosky, Skokie, IL, is accompanied by daughters Myra Sue, 3; Gail, 6; Sally, 9; Regina, 10; and Adele, 13 (the father and four sons are at home watching). Adele: "I made the dress I'm wearing." Others: "She made all of our clothes, too." Bess guesses, going third.
  2. "Rev. X," Los Angeles: "I was the featherweight boxing champion of the world … I was also the lightweight boxing champion of the world … I was also the welterweight boxing champion of the world … all at the same time! I'm Henry Armstrong."
  3. Guest John Daly: Henry shows up and joins the game. Daly reads excerpts from old newspaper articles and the panel must guess what event is being described. He keeps reading until someone guesses. See also 2/6/67.

Week 716, 2/28/66

Sponsor: General Foods
Panel: Betsy, Bill, Jayne, Henry
Associate Director: Dan F. Smith
Set Decorator: Budd Gourmen

  1. Staff member Yoni Schaefer acts as "interpreter" for five contestants who are speaking Portuguese but who, unbeknown to the panel, in fact can speak English. "Felipe Jovem" (Philip Young): "A week ago the only language I could speak was English." The others are Berlitz teachers (a couple named Stabano, Francisco Whittaker, Raul Silvera): "We taught him to speak Portuguese in 5 days." Young needed to learn Portuguese in order to study guitar under Sophocles Papas. He performs a Brazilian song.
  2. Willis Frost, Redwood City, CA, poet: "I wrote my first poem when I was 83 years old." Betsy guesses, going first. A former civil engineer, he is the father of poet Richard Frost.
  3. Guest Vivian Vance: Fifth graders Ronald Martignoni, Hilja Holappa, Andrew Kriskie, and Laurie Paulsen are members of the Think Club at Birch Lane School in Massapequa, NY. They challenge the panel to a memorization contest. Steve attaches 12 objects to a board one at a time as they are given numbers. After the board is turned around, everyone must try to remember each object's number. Steve adds a few more objects and then moves two of them, and everyone must identify which two have been moved.

Week 717, 3/7/66

Panel: Betsy, Bill, Lee Remick, Henry

  1. The Hi-5 (Seth Evans, Jeffrey Comanor, Ted Barron, Vic King, Pam Robins) play "Did You Have to Rub It In." "There are four barbers backstage … They're going to give us [the men] normal haircuts tonight." Henry guesses, going third. This segment is viewable on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 | Part 2
  2. Dale Cummings, Jr., Mount Berry, GA: "I'm the sit-up champion of the world … I did 14,118 sit-ups in 12 hours & 3 minutes nonstop."
  3. Guest Edgar Buchanan: Is joined by his stand-in, Jack Henderson. Henderson: "I had a toothache." Buchanan: "I pulled his tooth … I'm a dentist." See also 1/25/65.
  4. The Hi-5 men return at the end with their hair cut. Robins brings out their cut-off hair in a wheelbarrow.

Week 718, 3/14/66

Sponsor: Post/Anacin

  1. Tony Darrell sings "Malagueña Salerosa" and holds a note for 30 seconds. "I can hold a note twice as long as I just did." He did it in rehearsal, but this time manages "only" 51 seconds.
  2. Lila Ernst and Wayne Ferrell, Cranston, RI, are getting married. "He has to get rid of his house pet." … "My pet is a 260-pound snake 18 feet long (largest in U.S.)." The Indian python, which is going to the Bronx Zoo, is backstage.
  3. Guests To Tell the Truth panel: Are seated at a second panel desk in the order Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle. The IGAS panel have challenged them to a trivia quiz about old-time radio and TV, using questions all eight panelists have written themselves. One panelist reads a question and anyone on the other panel can answer it. Because they all insist on asking multiple questions instead of just one, only half of them get to ask their questions before time runs out. The IGAS panel win. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 719, 3/21/66

Sponsor: Tempo

  1. Hans Mauch, Dayton, OH: "Using this machine, I can read with my fingertips." The "Visotector" makes it possible for the blind to read ordinary print without the use of braille.
  2. Dr. Aurelius McGarvey Wallace, Gate City, VA, 91: "I flew to New York in a jet plane … I was the pilot." Bess guesses, going third.
  3. Guest Bob Holiday: Is starring in "It's a Bird…It's a Plane…It's Superman!" on Broadway. "I'm going to teach Steve Allen to fly like Superman tonight." Henry guesses, going third. The secret was Betsy's idea, since she is about to play Peter Pan.

Week 721, 4/4/66

Panel: Jayne, Bill, Bess, Henry

  1. Terri Stump, Brooklyn, MI; Basil Jovin(?), NYC, a singer from Romania: "Through the efforts of my high school class" … "I was freed from behind the Iron Curtain." Bess guesses, going third. Jovin sings "Sieben Mal."
  2. Doris Baum, NYC: "I posed as Miss Liberty for the U.S. 25-cent piece." Henry guesses after time runs out. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guests Phil Ford and Mimi Hines: Ford has a toolbox containing what look like mechanic's tools. "I borrowed these tools from a dress designer … He used these tools to make a dress for my wife." Henry guesses, going last, but essentially repeats what Bess already said. The dress designer, Paco Raban of Lord & Taylor, is in the audience. Five other designs are modeled, one by Raban and two each by Georges Kaplan and Betsy Johnson.

Week 722, 4/11/66

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 57, posted 1/1/03 by bossradio93):

Sponsor: Crest/Texaco

  1. Two male contestants were accidentally matched up by a computer dating service.
  2. Ens. Gail Gordon was the first female pilot in the U.S. Navy.
  3. Guest George Segal: Plays banjo in a Dixieland band (The Red Onion).

Week 724, 4/25/66

Sponsor: Phillips/Seven Seas

  1. On last week's show, which is unavailable, Gretchen Wyler invited Henry on a trip to Greenland to do four shows for the Air Force. Film of the trip is shown featuring Henry, Wyler, Miss Sweden, Carol and the Burgundys, Joan Fairfax, and Rich Little all performing, plus a visit to an Eskimo village.
  2. Marvin McCamus, Falmouth, MA, of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution: "I'm the pilot of the submarine that found the missing H-bomb." Bill guesses, going second. A model of DSV Alvin is shown.
  3. Guest Joe Garagiola: The women are shown film clips of actual baseball plays and must try to describe them to the blindfolded men so that they understand what happened. After the commercial, Garagiola challenges the women to define a few baseball terms.

Week 726, 5/9/66

Sponsor: Crisco

  1. Frank Masella of the Montreal Symphony presents nine of the orchestra's 97 musicians. "The harpist is my daughter-in-law … All the other musicians are my sons." Betsy guesses, going second. The musicians are Dorothy, harp; Alfred and Mario, violins; Giulio, Paul, and Joseph, French horns; Rodolfo, bassoon; Pietro, oboe; and Rafael, clarinet. They perform a piece that Norman Paris composed especially for them.
  2. Marty Cavanaugh, Waltham, MA, 67: "I ran in the Boston Marathon last week (26 miles nonstop) … I came in ahead of 167 other men." He's run the race 33 times. Henry guesses, going third.
  3. Guest E.G. Marshall: The Multiple Image Maker and Identification Compositor (MIMIC) is a machine variation of the Identikit for creating portraits of crime suspects (see 10/12/60 and 9/20/61). (Because of the camera angle, Betsy can be seen reflected on the machine, which is distracting.) Using the machine, the panel try to assemble a portrait of Bill, but they are limited in being shown only one drawing at a time without being able to go back and compare. In the end, every part of the picture is wrong except the hair, which is right only because Steve knew it already.

Week 728, 5/23/66

Sponsor: Chiffon
Associate Director: Dan F. Smith
Stage Managers: Harry Rogue, Don Darcy

  1. Harold Bierack, Forest Hills, NY, appears with about 30 women. "I was the best man at all their weddings." He soon will be best man for the 50th time.
  2. Terri Helger, Racine, WI; Jean Ruff, also WI: Each broke a different arm in tumbling class. "We were going to play piano solos in a recital … We're going to play together using our good arms." Bill guesses, going second. They play an arrangement of Mozart's Sonata No. 15 retitled "The Harpsichord Player" (see also 4/19/65).
  3. Guest Hugh O'Brian: First, the panel are quizzed on how much they remember about everything that has happened on the show so far. Then Betsy and Bess are blindfolded and a previously unseen person, Ronald Aaron, is brought out. Henry must try to describe him so that either Betsy or Bess later will be able to pick him out in a crowd. The crowd includes the 30 women seen earlier and their husbands. Betsy succeeds in finding him. It turns out that he is the 50th groom who will have Harold Bierack as his best man.

Week 729, 5/30/66

  1. Sol Yaged, Brooklyn; Terry Gibbs, Canoga Park, Los Angeles; Sister Mary Regina, La Grange, IL: "I taught Steve Allen to play the clarinet … xylophone and vibes … piano." The three men, with additional musicians, play a blues. After a while, Steve leaves the piano and takes over for Gibbs on the vibraphone, then both play it at the same time. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Joe King, Winston-Salem, NC, reveals a 22′×25′ section of Paul Philippoteaux's "The Battle of Gettysburg." "This is only part of the painting … The entire painting is longer than a football field" (70′×410′). It has not been seen since the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.
  3. Guest Shelley Winters: Steve and the panel are asked questions about themselves and guess the answers by writing down a number from 0 to 5.

Week 730, 6/6/66

Sponsor: Spic and Span
Associate Director: Dan F. Smith
Stage Managers: Harry Rogue, Don Darcy
Set Decorator: Budd Gourmen

  1. William Pollock, Pottstown, PA: A noise is heard backstage. "It's the oldest automobile still operating in the United States … Nothing on it has been replaced since it was built in 1891" (in France). Bess guesses, going last.
  2. Carolyn Binkley, Nashville, 4: "I just signed a recording contract as a singer." The Columbia recording "I Want a Baby Brother for Christmas" is played.
  3. Guest Arlene Francis: Brings out four people, each of whom has a secret about one of the panel. Each person is questioned only by the panelist involved.

Week 731, 6/13/66

Sponsor: Tempo

  1. Bob Graham, Houston, Diebold salesman: "I just won the fast draw championship of the world." Steve tries first and manages 76/100 second; Graham does 31/100. Then they do the same kind of hand-clapping challenge done on 11/13/61. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. "Mrs. X": "The first contestant is my husband … I am the women's fast draw pistol champion of the world." Her first name is never given. Her speed is not demonstrated either, but is said to be about 60/100 second.
  3. Guest Robert Goulet: The panel are tested on their ability to find the one expensive item among many cheap items of women's clothing. Each panelist guesses by picking one item from the group, and then an audience member, Lorraine Jordan, chooses one of the four items picked. This is done with three sets of items: 50 dresses, 35 hats, and 50 peignoirs. Betsy succeeds in picking the expensive hat, but Jordan doesn't choose it. See also 2/18/63.

Week 732, 6/20/66

Sponsor: Bufferin

  1. Four men are introduced to the blindfolded panel by the letters W–Z (although the panel go on to refer to them by the letters A–D). They are Maj. Carl Keller, test pilot; Fred Austin, first around-the-world pole-to-pole flight; Dick Merrill, first Atlantic round-trip flight; and Arthur Godfrey, who disguises his voice. "We just flew around the world and set 21 new records." The records mostly were speed records between pairs of specific cities. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Janice Fuqua, Valley, WY, and Sen. Milward Simpson: "I delivered the commencement speech at her graduation." … "I was the entire graduating class."
  3. Guest Sam Levenson: Earlier the panel were given a sixth-grade quiz (6/24/63), a fifth-grade quiz (6/22/64), and a fourth-grade quiz (5/24/65); now we're down to third grade.

Week 743, 9/5/66

  1. Children have secrets about what they did during the summer.
  2. Guest Garry: In yet another version of the game from 3/30/64, 3/8/65, and 10/4/65, the panel predict what his answers will be to questions submitted by the audience.

Week 745, 9/19/66

  1. Hulseman children, Winnetka, IL (Richard, 7; Jim, 11; Paula, 6; Deborah, 5; Peggy, 4; Bob, 8; Jeff, 10; Peter, 7; Theo, 13): "Our grandmother just made her first record album … She's a rock 'n roll singer." Dora Hall, 65 (wife of Leo Hulseman, founder of Solo Cup Company), sings "One, Two, Three."
  2. Mancil Davis, Odessa, TX, 12: Holds a record in "Golf … I've made eight holes-in-one." This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Edie Adams: Another version of Fred Gwynne's secret from 9/27/65, in which the panel guess the origins of common metaphors: white elephant, on the nose, spoon, bring home the bacon.

Week 746, 9/26/66

Sponsor: Ivory liquid

  1. Klaus Baruck, Hamburg (and Manfred Deckert, interpreter): "I gave John Lennon of the Beatles a normal haircut." The entire panel guess almost immediately. The haircut was in preparation for the film "How I Won the War." Usher Peter Blausky stands next to a photo of Lennon wearing similar glasses.
  2. Three men from Long Island: Harold Wolfer, Bellmore; Richard Midsota, West Hempstead; Sebastian de Ruba, Copiague (much smaller than the other two at 5′1″ and 155 pounds): "We're on the same college football team" (C.W. Post College).
  3. Guest Soupy Sales: Tony and the Tigers (sons Tony and Hunt Sales, Jon Pousette-Dart, and John Meredith) play "I'll Be on My Way." "I'm going to teach the panel to play like this." "Steve and the Secrets" is formed with Steve on organ, Betsy on drums, Bill on guitar, Henry on double-necked guitar, and Bess on piano. This segment is viewable on YouTube in two parts: Part 1 | Part 2

Week 747, 10/3/66

  1. Ginny Thu(?), Chicago, 12, plays "Bumble Boogie" on piano. "I can't read music … I learned to play this piece by ear." Betsy guesses, going second. Siblings Elizabeth, 9; Vicky, 10; and Alexander, 13, then appear and all four play a blues.
  2. Elody McQuillan, Anderson, IN, has a box of uncashed checks. "These are my dividend checks from an oil well … All 89 checks add up to $5.72."
  3. Guest Buddy Hackett: Another version of the memory exercise from 11/9/60, 7/2/62, 3/11/63, and 1/4/65, in which the guest is interviewed and afterward the panel must try to remember his answers.

Week 748, 10/10/66

Sponsor: Crest

  1. Edward Cole, Chicago; Ronny Munn, Amarillo, TX: "We play volleyball on a trampoline." They demonstrate "spaceball," in which a player scores by passing the ball all the way through a tube high overhead while the other player tries to block.
  2. Bertha Tickey, West Haven, CT, 41, secretary at Raybestos: "I pitch for the company's softball team … I've pitched more than 150 no-hitters." Her husband acts as catcher as Steve swings the bat (and breaks it).
  3. Guest John Gary: Will play a duet with Steve. "I'll play my part of the duet with a bow and arrow." While Steve plays "Do-Re-Mi" on piano, Gary shoots arrows at the note heads on a giant musical staff, causing tuned bells to sound the appropriate notes.

Week 749, 10/17/66

Sponsor: Westinghouse

  1. "Mr. X" (Rufus Harley): "I play jazz on the bagpipes." Plays "Feelin' Good" accompanied by his group (piano, bass, and drums). This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Howard Goodrich, Oak Lawn, IL; Fritz, a dachshund: "I'm wearing contact lenses … So is my dog." See also 9/9/59.
  3. Guest Lucille Ball: 50 men and 50 women in the audience have been provided with pushbutton devices by which they are to vote in response to Ball's questions. She and the panel then will guess what the outcome of each vote was. First, three new designer outfits are modeled by Helen Okun, Judy Garwood, and Jenny Wright(?) (name partially obscured by music). (The second outfit is by Rudi Gernreich.) Then the 100 chosen audience members are asked to vote.

Week 750, 10/24/66

Sponsor: Norelco

  1. John Sackie, Tempe, AZ: "An airplane landed on the top of my car." Bill guesses, going first.
  2. Barrie Algaw, Venice, Los Angeles, 17; Preston (Pete) Peterson, Santa Monica, 53: "We just won the world's surfing championship." Henry guesses, going second.
  3. Guest Jack E. Leonard: Before Leonard comes out, each panelist must place two fingers on a pair of metal electrodes. After Leonard's introduction, it is revealed that Lincoln Zahn (see also 8/3/60 and 6/17/63) has been operating a detector that measures the intensity of the panel's emotional reactions. First the panel guess how strongly their initial reactions to Leonard registered. Then they are given other stimuli while the audience is shown the needle moving.
  4. Steve announces that next week the show will be preempted by football.

Week 753, 11/14/66

Sponsor: Scope/Seven Seas

  1. Steve says he's run out of ideas, so instead of him introducing the panel, they introduce each other.
  2. Charles Alexander, Manchester, CT, parachute engineer with Pioneer Aerodynamics: "I made a parachute jump … I was picked up in midair by another airplane." Bess guesses, going third. Film is shown.
  3. Bert Rechichar, Monessen, PA, formerly with Baltimore Colts: "I kicked the longest field goal in pro football history (56 yards)." Bill Shear, Cortland State University, NY: "I just kicked one 5 yards longer." Rechichar's record had stood for 13 years. Henry guesses, going second.
  4. Guest Arlene Dahl: "The dress I'm wearing is made of paper." Steve adds: "The dress is valued at $1,000." Bess guesses, going third. The designer is Tzaims Luksus. Four other paper dresses, all from the Wadsworth Museum, are modeled. This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 754, 11/21/66

  1. Aaron Rosen, Chicago, violin; Fred Klein, NYC, French horn; James Maxwell, Tracy, CA, bagpipe; John Peper, NYC, clarinet; Jean-Jacques Perrey, Paris, with the secret: "I play one instrument that can sound like all of these" (the Ondioline; see also 6/22/60). Betsy guesses, going last. After imitating each of the other four musicians, Perrey is joined by Gershon Kingsley to perform a number from their album "The In Sound from Way Out." This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Kenneth J. Gray, West Frankfort, IL: Besides being an auctioneer, pilot, and magician, "I'm a United States Congressman."
  3. Guest Rossano Brazzi: Given literal translations of Italian idioms, the panel try to come up with the American equivalent (see also 4/27/64).

Week 755, 11/28/66

Sponsor: Remington

  1. Madge Cleveland, Hollywood: "I'm a screamer … I've screamed in 83 movies."
  2. Charles and Terry Kuntz, St. Louis: "I just enlisted in the Air Force." … "I enlisted with him." Betsy guesses, going third.
  3. Guest Walter Pidgeon: Old movie publicity stills are shown (from John Springer's book "All Talking! All Singing! All Dancing!") and the panel identify the actors depicted. First is a still from "Bride of the Regiment" (1930) in which Pidgeon himself appears. Others seen include Myrna Loy, Betty Grable, Lucille Ball, Harriet Nelson, Joan Crawford, Betsy(!), Bing Crosby, Ginger Rogers, Charles Ruggles, and Fredric March.

Week 756, 12/5/66

  1. Nancy Powers, NYC, originally from Memphis: When not working for Sudler & Hennessey, "I play trombone on stage in a Broadway show" ("Cabaret"). The rest of the Kit Kat Band appear: Maryann Burns, piano; Janice Mink, saxophone; and Viola Smith, drums. They play an instrumental version of the show's title song. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  2. Esther Weinberg, Hollywood, FL: "I was dealt a perfect bridge hand [all 13 clubs] … I lost!" See also 4/29/63.
  3. Guest Bud Collyer: Each panelist was asked to write four statements about himself or herself, two true and two false. The other three panelists guess which two statements are true.
    Afterward, Steve's scorekeeping is faulty: He says Betsy did the best, but in fact Betsy and Henry did exactly the same (four out of six, and at least one right in all three rounds in which they guessed). Bess got both right in one of the rounds, while Bill got only one right.
    Ones everyone got right: Ones everyone got wrong:

Week 757, 12/12/66

Sponsor: Lady Remington

  1. Four women from NYC (Joy Edwards and Alice Hill, other two names unintelligible): "We're all professional secretaries." Janet Aiello, West Harford, CT, 12: "I just beat them in a typing contest (97 words a minute)." Betsy attempts to compete.
  2. Nola Dunning, Stockton (Rooks County), KS, 20: "I was elected county treasurer … I'm too young to vote." This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Victor Borge: Wires are attached to "10 pretty girls … I'm going to play a song by touching the girls." Betsy guesses, going last. He plays "Dark Eyes" just by touching the girls, each of them producing a different note, although one of them "doesn't work." The inventors of the "Peopleodeon," Ted Pandel and Bruce Haack, are in the audience (see also 9/21/60). This segment is viewable on YouTube.

Week 758, 12/19/66

Information paraphrased from GSN message board (page 61, posted 1/22/03 by bossradio93):

Sponsor: Chanel

  1. Contestant is a concert pianist, and so is his twin brother.
  2. Female contestant, 5, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, provides voices for talking dolls.
  3. It is revealed that Bess was the tuba player among the Salvation Army players who performed at the start of the show.

Week 759, 12/26/66

Sponsor: Crest

  1. Seven men from Morocco: "One of us [Mohammed Massaoud] can hold all the rest of us in the air." Henry guesses, going first. They are members of the Sahara Acrobatic Troupe and appear in the movie "Dr. Dolittle."
  2. Marine Gunnery Sgt. Irvin Hardinger, Reading, PA: "I just became the father of twins." Twins Harold and Homer Hardinger, Cumberland, MD: "We helped deliver his twins." The two Hardinger families are unrelated. Betsy guesses after all have played. This segment is viewable on YouTube.
  3. Guest Paul Anka: People have been selected from the phone book whose names sound like the gifts mentioned in the lyrics to "The 12 Days of Christmas" (see also 12/23/59, 3/25/63, and 12/28/64). They are: This segment is viewable on YouTube.

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