Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary (1987-88)

from Westlight Stock Production Briefings, Vol. 1, No. 1 (Fall 1987)

Distrait: Inattentive or preoccupied. "The distrait photographer is likely to miss the brightest flash of lightning."
Hebetude: Dullness or lethargy. "One must not be overcome by hebetude when experimenting with unusual angles."
Jactitation: Bragging, especially when false or dubious. "For a freelancer to claim he doesn't need to learn about stock is just so much jactitation."
Kakistocracy: The worst class of individuals. "Avoid setting yourself up as one of the kakistocracy by sending us only your finest images."
Nugatory: Trifling or ineffectual. "Anything less than a professional approach to stock will produce nugatory results."
Quidnunc: A busybody. "It takes more than just being a quidnunc to get interesting people shots."

We don't want to hear you people using any of these words anymore. Do you grok?

from Westlight Stock Agency Reporter, Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 1988)

Alterity: The condition of being different or opposite. "Good and bad stock agencies, in their alterity, have much to learn from observing each other."
Funambulist: A tightrope walker. "The more skilled you become at balancing the needs of your clients and photographers, the less you'll feel like a funambulist in your dealings."
Halieutics: The study of fishing. "The halieutics of bringing in additional clients requires a knowledge of the proper enticements."
Minatory: Menacing. "Economic conditions that appear minatory to other industries may actually benefit stock."
Solipsism: A belief that nothing is real but the self. "Many of the photographers who don't get into our agency defeat themselves through their apparent solipsism."
Volitant: Capable of flying. "Following the suggestions in our newsletter will assure that your agency remains volitant."

from Westlight Stock Production Briefings, Vol. 1, No. 5 (February 1988)

Catallactics (cat a LAK tiks): The science of commercial exchanges. "These newsletters are designed to add to your knowledge of the catallactics of stock."
Dégagé (deh gah ZHAY): Carefree or detached. "We have not achieved our current level of success by taking a dégagé approach to our members' needs."
Energumen (en er GYOO men): An enthusiast. "The confirmed energumen will find no difficulty in devoting four days a month to stock shooting."
Handsel (HAN s'l): To do or use something for the first time. "If you are handseling a new format, you should not expect to see your usual level of success at first."
Peccadillo (pek a DIL o): A minor fault or offense. "Your fellow photographers will consider it a mere peccadillo if you misspell this word."
Xenodochy (ze NOD o kee): Friendliness toward strangers. "Those with a natural tendency toward xenodochy should be especially attentive to our constant need for people shots."

from Westlight Stock Production Briefings, Vol. 1, No. 9 (July-August 1988)

Adumbrate (ad UM brayt): To indicate in advance; to foreshadow. "The completion of several long-term marketing projects in the next month would seem to adumbrate a big jump in business for us."
Battology (ba TOL o jee): Needless repetition. "To meet the demand for certain subjects, we must discourage battological submissions to already saturated files."
Furfuraceous (fer fer AY shus): Having dandruff. "We keep our transparencies in plastic protectors at all times to shield them from handling by furfuraceous clients."
Oriflamme (OR i flam): A battle standard. "Our new catalog shall be brought before the marketplace under an oriflamme of creative innovation."
Palmary (PAL muh ree): Worthy or preeminent. "The upcoming Stock Workbook will be the work of the same palmary designers and printers who brought us the first edition."
Sine qua non (sye ni kway non): Something indispensable; a prerequisite. "Make it a sine qua non to consult our most recent mailings for needed subjects before you travel."


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