Woikin' at McDougall's (1975)

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I represent the little guys
At McDougall's of Sepulverize.
I'm just try'n'a make some money on the side;
And I feel so all-American serving burgers in the heat,
But I cannot change my own thoughts on what constitutes a culinary treat.
It's a double standard, true,
But I need a job, don't you?
An avocado sandwich is my favorite snack
And I wouldn't lay my life down for a little Big Mac.

In the noontime rush I'm in a daze;
Should I bring in ice or clean the trays?
When an order's placed I really can't decide
To suggestive-sell a brownie or an Arctic Orange shake,
Mainly because nothing that comes to mind I would personally want to take.
And I wonder, what's the point
Of promoting for this joint?
Spaghetti and meatballs is my favorite dish
And I wouldn't go all out for a Filet-O-Fish.

When this job is through I will have learned
That it matters how your dough is earned.
You can't work for what you don't feel deep inside.
It's just not my kind of place here and I sort of think it shows,
But if I get fired it won't hurt my pride, I'll still be smelling like a rose;
Just as I can't bag their fries
They can't sing to criticize.
A helping of moussaka I could down with ease
And I wouldn't blow my paycheck on a Quarter with Cheese.

No, I don't eat here, I think it's pretty rank;
I will stay a gourmet all the way to the bank!


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