To Hold the Sky (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"

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To hold the sky,
We'll come on like gangbusters as each one of us musters
Up the fortitude to throw us in your face,
And the dorms will be shakin' from the sound we'll be makin'
As bulbosity pervades throughout the place.
To spread the word,
We can broadcast a farewell as we kick down the stairwell
All the forces that had threatened our regime,
'Cause we've conquered the stifling of the Top 40 trifling
And the dorms will know bulbosity supreme.

Get off the airwaves, peasants, 'cause KMA is coming.
When your day is going nicely it's our music you'll be humming.
It's really very normal if you open up your hearing;
Remove your earmuffs and you'll find it totally endearing.

[Reprise of "You've Gotta Be Crazy":]
Get a load of the people with a vision,
Who can see the day when music leaves its rut,
And when people tune their ears with more precision
And can hold a stronger rhythm in their gut.

Prepare to take a beating if your mind is frozen solid,
Because we're gonna hit you with what you consider squalid.
The world is ever-changing and we're hopping on the wagon,
And you can either be on board or on the rails a-draggin'.

[Reprise of "My First Shift":]
Give us all a listen, find out what you're missin'
In a world of bubblegum and french fries;
Loosen up your standard, shuck all you've been pandered
And you're in for a surprise.

Here's to the jocks of the new Mother Earth
With the insight to play what they feel;
Here's to the jocks with a true sense of worth
Who present it with nerves made of steel;
Here's to the folks with their transistor sets
Who will soon be a part of the move;
Here's to the minds that are tangled in nets
From the music that we will improve;
Let's not forget the musicians we play
Who at last can be known far and wide;
And if it looks like we'll be blown away
Thank the people who make cyanide.

Go progressive now;
Get your ya-ya's out
And the bulbs will start to sprout.

(Repeat first stanza)

We're now in a position to be honest in our speaking
And eliminate the slush we've been prevented from critiquing.
We'll be playing on our station all the latest innovations,
And not the Hit Parade containing last-year imitations.

[Reprise of "All We Ask":]
Don't go living in yesterday's past;
Jump ahead while the present can last.
Be aware of the state of the art,
So it doesn't tear you apart.

You will soon acquire the urge to do a caper or a hijink
If you tune in to our frequency and think the way that I think.
It's exciting to involve yourself in all our zany antics,
Even though to understand them is a matter of semantics.

[Reprise of "It's the Voice":]
It's a wacky loopy sicko, it's klaatu barada nikto,
It's a glubba glick-a-dickie, it's a quagga quick-a-kickie,
It's Gezornenplatz Azusa, it's garbageous verbiusa,
It's a hologram of Olivera Krause.

Here's to a world full of people who know
How to dance to a riff on a Moog;
Here's to the tunes that will still seem to flow
When atonality is the vogue;
Here's to the chords that will ring like a dream
Even though they may now sound like junk;
Here's to the day when the people will gleam
At the music they used to think stunk.
Give us a week or a month or a year
To prepare for the oncoming row,
Then give us praise when our foes disappear
Maybe 205 years from now.
It's a worthy cause,
And we'll reach for that star
'Cause we know that we are …

[Reprise of title song:]
Bulbous! From Telstar to the bottom of the Arctic.
Bulbous! Everyone has got a chance to be cathartic.
If your will to live is haunted and you pressure on undaunted
Everything you ever wanted is bulbous tonight.
The feeling keeps coursing through your veins
That the only way to be is like a bulb …
It's going to be so glitzy-glam
When you all decide to live among the bulbs …
Come to dormdom
And form some.
Bulbous! We all have got a reason for existing.
Bulbous! We know that there's no purpose in resisting.
Whether one who starts his day right, or a donkey who can bray right,
Or a crazy mixed-up playwright …
You're bulbous, so bulbous, so bulbous tonight!!


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