They'll Love Us (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"

MIDI file

They'll love us!
Idolize us!
Adorate us!

We will make such a hit with our student survey bit
That they just can't hold their 'ppreciation back.
The response will be warm when we canvass ev'ry dorm,
And the surface will have just begun to crack.
'Cause they'll love us! (Thas' right!)
How they'll love us! (You bet!)
And I know 'cause I love us myself!

We'll do well, it's a fact,
With our student survey act;
Yes, our sound will be just what they want to hear.
We'll be known through the school as a station that is cool
With a personnel that's wonderfully weird.
'Cause they'll love us! (Oh yeah!)
How they'll love us! (That's true!)
And I know 'cause I love us myself!
(And we know 'cause we love us ourself!)

(We're a hit in the making?)
It's all ours for the taking.
(And you're sure it's on the level?)
Well, the only one who's sure … is the Devil.

We're the personnel of KMA,
On the air from day to day
With bits of business wacky and insane;
If we have an audience to serve,
We radiate with skill and verve,
And sometimes we will even use our brain.
It's a trip to hear us on the air,
Sending out to here and there,
Acting in an auditory way …
Those who listen never fear us
If, in fact, they ever hear us;
We're the quite Titanic, minus panic,
Thespianic, somewhat manic
Staff of KMA.

When you turn your Kent-Atwater on,
You hear a true phenomenon
That's carried by a modulated wave;
It's a signal from this cubbyhole,
Which plays progressive rock 'n' roll,
And that of course is everybody's fave.
It's the living proof that we're the best;
We hold the student's interest
With every statement that we have to say …
If among us there's a skeptic,
May he get an ulcer peptic.
We're the widely ranging, ever-changing,
Rearranging, yet estranging
Staff of KMA.

We know we're good as golden,
And the survey that we take
Will surely just embolden
All that we already make.
We will be a new sensation
Merely being what we are.
We'd be loved across the nation
If our signal went that far.

We're the personnel of KMA;
Even though we get no pay,
It's what we're workin' for that makes us go.
We are dedicated to that drive
That makes us act like we're alive,
But what it is exactly we don't know.
We've fallen neatly in a rut
Of playing music up the butt,
And that's the way we're always gonna stay.
We'd never ever swerve a
Listener opinion survey.
We're the undeleted, unrepeated,
Never fetid, though conceited,
Widely ranging, ever-changing,
Rearranging, yet estranging,
Quite Titanic, minus panic,
Thespianic, somewhat manic...
Staff … of … K … M … A!!
Yes, they'll love us! (What's that?)
How they'll love us! (Do tell!)
And we know 'cause we love us … ourself! (Sigh)


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