Songs (1971-75)

Santa Claus Spat in My Stocking (1971): The first of several songwriting collaborations by Hytholt & Carson, Napa High School's answer to Lennon & McCartney. Or maybe it was Wheeler & Woolsey; I forget. This heartwarming holiday classic, retrieved from the Library of Congress just before the copyright expired, was heretofore consigned to the oblivion of 11th grade but now can enjoy the oblivion of the Internet. (Key: C)
MIDI file (2:15) plus lyrics

Can I Touch Your Guitar (1972): Earlier I posted that this song had been lost and reconstructed from memory, but since then I have uncovered a copy of the lyrics. Consequently, I have added one more verse and lengthened the music file accordingly. (Key: C)
MIDI file (3:46) plus lyrics

If So, Why Not? (1973): A campaign song written while the Associated Student Body (ASB) elections were going on in our senior year of high school. It was based on a question Dale had earlier posed to some of the candidates: "Why are you opposed to the issue, and if so, why not?" With me on guitar, four or five of us performed the song (even though no one but me had ever heard it before) during a campaign meeting in the school auditorium. We ourselves weren't running for anything; we were just, you know, putting it out there as a possible platform just in case someone else wanted to pick it up. Always trying to help. (Key: G)
MIDI file (2:03) plus lyrics

Forget About Surfing (1975): For those of you naive enough to think that California produces anything less than its fair share of nerds, here's us again. (Key: G)
MIDI file (2:03) plus lyrics

Woikin' at McDougall's (1975): Among my many part-time jobs while attending college was a brief summer stint at the McDonald's in Sepulveda, Los Angeles. It was the only job I ever quit where the reason for quitting was that I couldn't take it anymore. One customer said flat out to me that it had the worst management of any McDonald's he'd ever been to. Consequently, I wrote this protest song of sorts describing how I felt about the job. (Other employers who have fired me are free to compose their own songs.) Despite what I wrote, I actually LIKE the Big Mac and Filet-O-Fish, which shows how disappointed I was by the experience. (Key: A-flat)
MIDI file (2:31) plus lyrics

Rock Me to Sleep (1975): More silliness, influenced by Procol Harum but also evocative of the Tubes even though I had not yet seen them perform. (Key: G)
MIDI file (3:18) plus lyrics

Silverfish Ate My Shorts (1975): Mark Alley, keenly sensing my desperation, mailed these lyrics from Sacramento to me in Los Angeles, making this the only time I composed music entirely to someone else's lyrics. (No key signature)
MIDI file (4:33) plus lyrics


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