Rock Me to Sleep (1975)

By Richard K. Carson and Dale M. Hytholt, Jr.

MIDI file

As I lay me down to rest,
I see you I love the best,
Soothing me with words so deep,
Wishing me a pleasant sleep.
But it takes a little more
Before I can start to snore;
I just cannot close my eyes
Till you sing your lullabyes.

Sing your song and methinks
I can grab forty winks.

Rock me to sleep as I roll into slumberland,
Send me up high with a gentle saraband.
I'll dream of lying in the summer sand,
So if I look like a clam you'll understand.

Help me relax and clear my ears of the wax, oh sing,
Pull off my shoes so I can grab a quick snooze, just sing.
Get me to bed and put some rock in my head, oh sing,
Play it, my dear, I want to kak out right here, just sing.

Rock me to sleep, you can do it in any key,
Calm all my nerves with a tuneful melody.
Bring in the Golddiggers of '33;
They only will further serve to comfort me.

(Repeat bridge and intro)

Rock me to sleep with a 20-piece backup group;
Eight Volga boatmen will croon a drunken whoop.
I'll count the Lipizzans jump through the hoop,
Plus all that Nytol will make my eyelids droop.

(Repeat and fade) Rock me to sleep.


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