Radio spots (1974–80)

Hytholt and Carson Big Ol' Hangin' Show promos, KEG-AM, Sacramento (1974): This closed-circuit station was located in the university dormitories and heard only there.
Additional production: Mark Alley
MP3 file #1 (1:33)
MP3 file #2 (0:39)
MP3 file #3 (0:47)
MP3 file #4 (1:06)

Carson show promo, KEG-AM, Sacramento (1974)
Voice and production: Mark Alley
MP3 file (0:58)

KEG jingle (1974): I somehow managed to persuade one of the choir classes at Sac State to record this for us, but the recording no longer exists.
MIDI file (0:10) plus lyrics

Lost in the Ozone intro, KCSN-FM, Northridge (1978): I hosted this overnight music show on Saturdays (it was hosted by a different DJ each night of the week) during the time I was the station's operations director or manager or whatever the heck I was called.
MP3 file (0:16)

Fundraiser, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles (1980): If this ever actually aired, I never tried to find that out.
Voice: Linda Mack
MP3 file (1:12)


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