My First Shift (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"

MIDI file

Got me from the attic, and I'm quite ecstatic,
Getting off with my first shift on the air;
Playing rock progressive, stuff you're hearing less of,
'Cause you probably don't care.
I ignore the format, treat it just like a doormat,
Such as it deserves;
I will make it royal, all my fans will be loyal,
Though they will all be pervs.
This is really sumpin', all the stuff I'm dumpin'
On the list'ners who are stuck in the dorms;
Being esoteric, heavy as a derrick,
Nebulous in all its forms.


Our administration makes for one far-out station,
Now better with me;
When we hit the campus no one ever will cramp us,
'Cause I'm in ASB!
Going to be famous; I'm no ignoramus;
There's so many avenues left untrod.
It's far out and solid...
Good as getting ball-ed...
Radio is next to God!


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