If So, Why Not? (1973)

by Richard K. Carson and Dale M. Hytholt, Jr.

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If so, why not?
Just as long as you don't get caught,
Why do what a candidate ought,
And if so, why not?

When Columbus sought the Asian land
And bumped into the Western sand,
They asked him, "Is this what you planned?"
And this is what he said:

When Washington crossed the Delaware
And someone else was in his chair,
He turned to who was sitting there,
And this is what he said:

When we launched our ASB campaign
And threw our hats into the main,
They asked us, "Have you gone insane?"
And this is what we said:

If so, why not?
Glubba glick dickie dick-a dot;
Quagga quick kickie kack-a kot,
And if so, why not?


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