I Know What You Like (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"

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You probably will tell me you've established your own tastes but that's a crock;
You need someone to tell you what you want and overcome your mental block.
I can make up your mind, pick that one of a kind;
You don't have to tell me what you like 'cause I already know.

I'm a standard of human judgment, been practicing for years;
Guiding natural drives is among the most expanding of careers.
I can tell what you need for your object of greed;
You don't have to use a cell in your brain 'cause I already know.

When I shape your opinion it's the way it should be,
Just the way someone paid me to make it.
Just listen to me conjure up imagerie;
Throw your will my way and I'll break it.

You're all frought with indecision and I'm your panacea;
I'll be there whenever you must choose and I will referee ya.
You're not sure of your choice; hear the sound of my voice
And you've got no need to think 'cause I already know.
No, you don't have to think for yourself 'cause I already know.
I know nothing from art but I know what you like.


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