Everyone's Doing My Thing But Me (1975)

From the musical "Bulbous!"
by Richard K. Carson and Dale M. Hytholt, Jr.

MIDI file

(1st singer:)
If I came up with the answer to all the world's ills
And presented my thoughts to the mass,
I'd be altered and shaped and adorned with frills,
Reduced to the level of crass.
By the time my own voice was allowed to be heard
We'd be well into World War Three,
Because everyone's doing my thing but me.

I could invent something totally motorized
That would run on a bucket of air,
And fulfill fantasies never realized,
Be the answer to everyone's prayer;
But when Madison Avenue stepped in to help
It would look like your old TV,
Because everyone's doing my thing but me.

(2nd singer:)
If you wrote the world's greatest symphony
That only you should conduct,
You'd probably only play Bar 23
Where a single G-string is plucked.
I know how it feels 'cause it's happened to me
Every time there's a storm in my brain;
It only achieves popularity
If it's brought out as something mundane!

Now supposing I came up to Wernher von Braun
And presented the secret of life,
Whereby families of geniuses could be brought down,
Maybe even sans husband or wife;
No doubt someone would misplace a theory or two
And we'd all have an IQ of three,
Because everyone's doing my thing but me.

(1st singer:)
I can tell what would come of your life's greatest dreams
Once the rest of the world had glommed on;
They would carry their own little whims to extremes
And your own brilliant touch would be gone.
Will they ever acknowledge our genius and skill
For making full use of the art?
Whenever they garner my brainchild they kill
A couple more cells in my heart.

Now we both know full well we have something to give
That would benefit all of mankind;
But it gets very hard to decide why we live
When our efforts are all undermined.
No one seems to be able to see we're so great
And we get so mad we could just cuss,
Because everyone's doing our thing but us.

(2nd singer:) Everyone's doing [his/her] thing but—

(1st singer:) Everyone's doing [his/her] thing but—

(Both:) Everyone's doing our thing...but...us!


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